Why a cheeseburger is so much cheaper than a salad…

This is sort of interesting. I think it is sort of funny how in this country, even though we have an increasing number of folks who are overweight or obese, it is still far cheaper to eat a cheeseburger than it is to have a salad.

Whether it is at the fast food restaurant or in the local grocery store, eating healthy often means spending more money.

This problem gets exaggerated in places like our home, and other places in Eastern Kentucky. It is sort of a “perfect storm” situation, really. Combine a significant population of folks living at near or below the poverty level, with already inflated grocery prices as a result of our physical location and/or fewer choices, and it can make it pretty rough to eat healthy foods, even if you know you should. Then, you throw in low-cost places like Sav-a-Lot, who offer very low prices, but also offer human-sized bags of cheezy-poofs, and it is easy to see how things can quickly get out of hand.

Anyway…this article takes a look at government subsidies directed at farms. Pretty interesting stuff.

government subsidy pyramid

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