Friday Survivor Recap: 3-5-2010

Don't worry Coach. Rob still likes you.

Well, if you watched the show last night, you’ll know who the big crybaby was.

Coach broke down into a blubbering mess for some damn reason.  He says because of the comments made by Sandra, who really just talks crap all time anyway.  I did love Tyson giving coach advice about how to better fit in though…lol…very nice.  Don’t wear your feathers at tribal…don’t tell your stories, nobody believes them and they just make fun of you about it…do your Tai Chi in private.  Just a classic moment.

Loved it that Boston Rob told coach to basically man-up and grow a pair.  Boston Rob may rub some folks the wrong way, but I truly feel like he’s a great addition to the show, and I’m not sure why he is on the villains tribe.

Likewise, not exactly sure how Cirie ended up on the Heroes tribe.  She has annoyed me from her very first appearance on the show.  She doesn’t contribute at all in challenges, she doesn’t seem to do any work at the camp, and she just works as hard as she can to divide people…all things, I guess, that make a good Survivor, if you can get away with it.

However, last night some things fell into place that sealed her fate.  First off, Tom found the hidden immunity idol.  This ended up being HUGE.  Had he not found it, Cirie is still playing the game.  However, because he found it, and because Amanda saw him hide it, the plot was formed to vote 3 votes for Tom and 3 for Colby, so they could draw out the immunity idol and boot Colby.  There was a little scrambling to try and turn the vote to Candace, but it never really got traction because…well…apparently all of the heroes are idiots.

Even at tribal council, Rupert acknowledged that the way he was voting made the tribe weaker, but he was going to stick to it anyway.  However, JT finally wised up to what Cirie was doing.  I think that in addition to seeing that she made the tribe no stronger, he also was hiding and overheard the way Cirie so easily convinced everyone to abandon the idea of voting for Candace.  That exposed just how much power she had in the game, and I don’t think he liked it a bit.  So,  instead of casting the vote for Colby that would have sent him home, he shifted and put Cirie’s name down, sending her home instead.

I’m sure he’ll have some apologizing to do, but…if he’s smart, he’ll quickly align himself with Colby and Tom and maybe pull Amanda with him.  I’m pretty sure she’ll follow him if he asks.  Then, they will have numbers, and a good core that could make some trouble in the game.  However, it looks like Candace may be interested in doing the same thing, so we’ll see who is on the outside looking in next week.

I’ve got a feeling that the villains are going to start losing a few challenges now, but who knows…very powerful the dark side is.

Tune in next week at 8pm on CBS and check back here Friday to discuss the episode!