AI Recap: Hit and Miss

Nice job, ladies.

Well, last night’s show featured the remaining 8 ladies fighting for their 6 spots in the final 12.  What that means is that it is a HUGE night to nail it in terms of being memorable, both for performance and song choice.  Well, apparently a couple of them did not get the memo.  I think at least one contestant who was previously in pretty good shape put herself in danger, and, in the process, took made someone else safe.  So let’s get to the recap…

Katie opened up the show with a Kelly Clarkson song about breaking away…and it sounded broken.  It was a slow way to start the show, and it did exactly what she did NOT want to do, which was showcase what she CAN’T do with her voice.  I haven’t had any really strong feelings one way or another about her this year.  She’s likable and has a good story, but her voice doesn’t seem like one that can win the show, so I don’t know.  I’d give it a D.

Siobahn was next with a song about a whorehouse in New Orleans.  Not trying to be mean…that IS what the song is about, so that made it a little bit odd.  She sang it from the perspective of one of the “many poor boys”, so that made it only a little less weird.  I thought her performance was solid, even though I disagreed with the judges about the a capella opening, but I think that is just because personally I felt it made the song seem less dark and serious somehow, and it is a dark and serious song.  Once the band came in, it took on a better feeling.  My wife disagreed and loved the opening, so…maybe I’m an idiot.  I give it a solid B+.

Lacey was the next to take the stage (does she have GRAY eyes?).  She’s been a bit all over the place for the show, trying to figure out her style.  Well, I think she may have found it.  She sang a Brandi Carlisle song, and it was the best she’s sounded so far.  It sounded tailor made for her voice, and she did some nice things with it.  It still felt like it was JUST on the edge of her vocal abilities, and I was expecting her to lose it in a few places, but she hung tough and gave a good performance.  Was it enough to keep her on the show?  Possibly.  I’m worried that the public opinion on her has already been formed, and even a good performance last night may not be enough to move her to the final 12.  However, some subpar performances by a couple of other contestants MAY just allow her to squeak by.  I’d give her an A for the night.

Katelyn was next up.  Well, I think I felt the earth move out from UNDER her feet on that performance.  Oof.  I don’t know what in the WORLD she was thinking, but it felt like she has maybe been attempting to get the judges to think of her more as the “singer/songwriter” type with her last 2 performances, but I just did not care for this one at all.  She looked awkward standing their playing the organ and just did not seem comfortable with herself at all.  I feel like she’s built a following, but with these shows, who knows what can happen.  I think she’ll make it through, but I give her a C.

Didi the crier was up next, and, like last week, their were some tears after the judges comments, but this time, they were tears of happiness.  She sang Rhiannon, and I think she did a really, really good job with it.  As a matter of fact, I’d make the argument that her performance of it on the show was MILES ahead of the Taylor Swift version we saw with Stevie Nicks at the Grammy’s.  She did some nice things with her voice, and the arrangement was not so strange that it didn’t work.  I LOVE that song, so I hate to see it messed with TOO much, but I think she got it right, and may have moved herself into the final 12 with what I’d rate as an A performance.

Paige was next up, and I think Didi should give her a huge hug and “thank you” for saving her from elimination this week.  Her “Smile” performance was all over the place.   WHY would you sing THAT song at THIS point in the competition?  It just made no sense.  I believe her when she said she got emotional during the song.  A few times it sounded like maybe she was choking up, and she just looked so serious and down.  Combine her mood with that performance and it is a recipe for getting booted, which is exactly what I expect will happen to her this week.  I’d have to rate it a D-.

Crystal took the stage next and sang “Give Me One Reason”, and true to form, nailed it.  She is completely head and shoulders ahead of everyone in this competition and has been since the auditions.  I thought she was amazing then, and I think she’s just getting better and better.  I was worried about her likeability factor, and she still comes across as a bit disinterested in the whole process, but right now, I think she’s building a good following.  She was the class of the night with an A+ performance.

Lilly wrapped up the show with her mandolin, singing “Fall to Pieces”.  I’ve stated before that she’s probably my 2nd favorite contestant behind Crystal.  I think she has a very cool sounding voice and is just quirky enough.  I liked her performance, but I didn’t love it.  It was good, but it was not Patsy good.  It seemed a little warbly or pitchy in a few places, but overall it was OK.  I’ve read some reports online that said it sounded better in studio than it did on TV.  Either way, I think she’s plenty safe this week with her B+ performance.

As always, whether you like any of them or not, you have to hand it to them for getting up there and trying, which is more than most of us would be remotely comfortable with.  Unfortunately, with these type of shows where folks get judged on their performances, TV has made it OK to be ultra-critical of people, and, to be fair, some folks deserve it. It is obvious that some folks are just looking for a little spotlight, and they deserve whatever raking over the coals they get.

I want to try and give a good recap and rating on the performances without being to cheeky or cute, but still channeling a little bit of Simon here or there.  Hell, I’m not even brave enough to sing in front of my wife, so I can’t say too much about these people!

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy the recaps, and I’d be interested in hearing what you think.  Add a few comments!

My predictions for the ladies….

Going home:  Paige and Katie