Coach Cal

Well, we didn’t have to wait very long to find out who would be the next coach at UK after the decision was made to part ways with Billy Clyde after only two years.

On Tuesday evening, the University of Kentucky announced coach John Calipari as the new leader of the men’s basketball program, and most folks in the state could not be happier.

I know that I have written on here in support of coach Gillispie, and I truly do wish it had worked out with him.  However, after he was let go and things started to surface about what was taking place with the players during practices and such, I can see that Mitch Barnhart and Lee Todd had to make a move.  And OH BROTHER, what a MOVE!

As a fan of UK, there could not have BEEN a more perfect hire than Coach Cal, as far as I’m concerned.  While Billy G lived and breathed basketball, he wasn’t willing or wasn’t comfortable being in the spotlight, and there are not too many spotlights that shine brighter than the one on UK Basketball.

Over the past few years, UK has fallen out of the conversation when people talk about basketball powerhouses.  This hire should remedy that situation, and, in many ways, it already has.

For the past 4 or 5 days, you could not watch or listen to national sports radio or television shows without hearing about UK and Coach Cal…and would he come, or wouldn’t he come?  ESPN was front and center with the coverage.  It was the hot topic on ALL of the shows, and since he has been actually named the coach, it has continued to dominate the headlines.  All of this while we are getting ready for a FINAL FOUR this weekend!!

I have to think that for the past several years, many of the big-time national programs (and lots of the smaller ones) have been breathing a bit easier because Kentucky had sort of fallen off the map a bit, but they had to know that would not last long.  And I have to imagine that most of them are fully aware of what this hire means, and I doubt that very many of them were too happy about it.

However, just like Alabama Football, the world just seems right when Kentucky Basketball is winning…and with this hire, the world should feel a lot more right a whole lot sooner.