What month is it again?

I like to fish...but...

So after having one of the coldest winters that I can remember, and seeing snow on the ground for probably the better part of a month, April arrives and the thermostat has been fully switched in to the HOT position!

Taking a look at our weather page, you can see that the Kentucky Mesonet is showing a reading of 87 right now in Morgan County.  It is actually reading 90 in Owsley County right now.  Just incredible.

So, with all of this heat and sunshine, what do you all have lined up for this weekend?   Let’s take a look at a few options…

– You could mow your grass…or mow it again, if you have already done it before now and are completely anal about your yard work…I am NOT in that category, so my first cutting will be tomorrow.  First, I have to replace the gas can I lost by doing a good deed for someone, but that’s another story completely.

– You could go fishing.  I’m personally in favor of this one.  In a competition pitting…well…pretty much anything but eating… against going fishing…fishing will win.  Most every time.

– You can eat some pancakes.  On Saturday, from 6:30am until noon, the Kiwanis Club will be having their pancake flip.  You can get fueled up for your big Easter Sunday activities and support a good cause, too!

– Take a hike!  No, really.  Head to the Red River Gorge or Natural Bridge and have a good time.  Maybe take a picnic and the kids or the dogs or cats…and a fishing pole!

And, of course, have a very Happy Easter!

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