Monday Morning Talking Points – 4.21.2014

I received a few thoughts and ideas from folks regarding my last post about what types of content you’d like to see on the site, so I will be working to incorporate some of those things moving forward.

What I’d like to do today is introduce a sort of “quick hitter” story that contains a few thoughts/opinions/news items that will hopefully get folks engaged and talking about them.  I want to try and maybe put this out there every Monday to sort of recap anything that has come up, or come to my attention, over the weekend.

These items may not all be related solely to Morgan County, but I suspect more often than not they will be.  (They also may not always come first thing in the morning…but hey…I will do what I can!) =)

So, with all of that out of the way, let’s begin!

– Even though the weather outside is delightful, Wednesday morning could be a bit frightful.  There is a frost threat overnight Tuesday in to Wednesday.  I don’t know if you need to cover plants, but it might not be a bad idea.  Have any of you set out garden plants so far?  And if so, did they (or did any of your trees/plants) suffer damage during last week’s snow/freeze?

– It appears as if the ARH now has a full-time helicopter.  Best I can tell, it is operated by the Air Evac Lifeteam, an independently owned, membership-supported air medical service.  I’ve noticed LOTS more takeoffs and landings here lately, compared to before, when a helicopter from a nearby hospital would only come in for emergencies requiring air transport.  Related to the new addition is the request for a conditional-use permit in order for the company to build a new helipad.  I will have more information about that request soon, I hope, and I will share what I can.  As of right now, the conditional-use meeting is to be held April 30 at City Hall.  I will share the time and other details as soon as I can, as well as exactly where it is they want to locate it.  My early understanding is that it is on the property that formerly was the home to Judge Ralph Walters, but I don’t know exactly where on the property.

My question to you is this:  Depending on where you live in the Wells Hill area, do you want a helipad any closer to your residence than it already is at the hospital?

I will leave it with those two items for today.  Hopefully some of you will feel like sharing your thoughts!

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