Bad weather weekend…

Well, for a few weeks, it started to seem like we might never see rain again.  April showers were nowhere to be found.

By Friday and this past weekend, however, they showed back up in a big way.  We had a severe thunderstorm warning, and, according to, we’ve now had over 2 inches of rain since Friday.  It looks like rain is in the forecast today and tomorrow, followed by some pretty days on Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly for part of Kentucky Oaks Day on Friday, but it is looking more and more like rain settles back in for the weekend and holds on for a few days.

We also have the potential for a frosty morning Tuesday night/Wednesday, so cover up those tender plants you have.

As we were getting our first real taste of severe weather this year across Kentucky (National Weather Service is now saying an EF-1 tornado touched down in Edmonson County), areas to our south were getting hammered.  As you’ve probably seen by now, a VERY powerful tornado hit the Yazoo City, Mississippi area on Saturday, killing at least 12 people and causing a tremendous amount of destruction.

I have always been fascinated by severe storms and tornadoes, even at one point considering volunteering to be a storm chaser during the summer.  I inadvertently ended up being a storm-runner-away-frommer a couple of years ago on a trip back from Colorado through Nebraska, and while it was fascinating to see the dynamics of a major storm unfold, it was also a bit unnerving.  So, at least for now, I’m content to just watch the videos that other storm chasers have gathered.

This video was shot by storm chasers in Mississippi this weekend, and it gives you an idea of just how large the tornado and storm was…