This morning, the water in the bottom was perfectly still. Most days since it has filled our river bottom to capacity, the water has been in motion…wind and current keeping light dancing across the surface. But, this morning, it looked like a sheet of glass, reflecting so beautifully the world around it.

As it turns out, the rest of the world was not so calm today.

In particular, Baltimore was a city of anger and unrest. In response to what appears, at least, to be another incident involving the death of a black man at the hands of the police, protesters took to the streets in order to bring more awareness to this troubling trend. Unfortunately, the message has now been buried under images of looted and burned out buildings and cars.

People who are more educated and qualified than most of us are to discuss and analyze the history and reasons behind this sort of reaction will hopefully do so…and hopefully in far more appropriate places than Twitter or Facebook. Still, there’s been no shortage of knee-jerk reactions from people on all sides of this issue…people who likely cannot begin to comprehend the complexity and levels of emotion that are involved.

The world is changing around us, but we still have history and scars that hold us hostage…that prevent us from moving forward together. How we pay that ransom and finally grant ourselves the freedom to come together as a truly united society feels, at times, like a problem with no true solution.

Still, staring at this pool of tranquil water in the morning sunlight, it is hard not to at least have hope.