Want some new stuff?

Me too!!

As any of you who have been around the site for a while know by now, it is nothing if not random.  You might see a post about utility rates…or evolution…or who had the best night on American Idol.  For a while, there actually used to be a fair amount of discussion on here, but at some point, it just sort of went away.  I can’t seem to get anyone to leave a comment on ANYTHING now, which sort of stinks, but hopefully it will start to pick back up.

So I want to ask you, the viewing public, what do YOU want to see here?  What are the types of stories that would interest you and make you come back to the site every day?

I know that I need to do a better job of getting new content on here at LEAST once a day, but if I’m going to be adding it, I figure it ought to be something you all want to see, right? 🙂

I’ve always said that this site is about being YOUR voice in Morgan County, and you are all definitely making your voices heard on the local election poll right now, so let’s hear it folks…what would you like to see here?