5-14-2009 — In my opinion…

– Calipari has done more for UK Basketball in 2 months than Gillispie did in 2 years (even though in an earlier post I swore up and down Billy G was the man for the job!)

– Butter is better than margarine

– West Liberty needs a Taco Bell, so I can totally derail the diet I have been on

– The economy is on the right track, although the effects of the recession will probably linger throughout the year

– Gas prices will peak in the $2.60 – $2.70 range this Summer before falling back to around $2/gallon some time after Labor Day.

– Allison Iraheta will have a more successful recording career than EITHER of the 2 American Idol finalists

– I need to do a better job of posting stuff like this on here more often…man, I suck.