More of my opinion…6-17-2008

Like any of you are really interested in it, but whatever…here we go.

In my opinion…

It absolutely stinks that FEMA is just now giving supplies to Katrina victims.

It is a complete tragedy that there is a “dead zone” that we’ve created in the Gulf of Mexico…and it is growing.

I’m glad that Gore is backing Obama…but I wish he had done it sooner.

Obama will finally move us in the direction we need to go…even though it may cost us all a bit.

Firefox RULES.

Summer should be mid-to-upper 70’s, low humidity by day…and upper 60’s to low 70’s at night…how can we make that happen?

The NBA stinks…but GO CELTICS!

and finally…

In my opinion, it has been really cool having the cicadas around, and I am sort of sad to see them go.