Who knew…

dear Liza, with what??

So basically, when this whole oil gusher thing began down there in the Gulf, you KNOW they had a meeting trying to figure out what the hell to do to stop it.  At some point during that meeting, somebody said, “Well, we could just try to shove something down in the hole and clog it up…sort of like a cork.”  And, apparently, all the other BP people said, “Listen, Frank, we need REAL ideas.  Anyone else?”.

Fast forward a few months…and Frank looks pretty smart.

Moving on…

So basically, I stink at keeping this site updated, and for that, I apologize.  I appreciate the folks who keep coming back and checking things out.  I tend to keep several irons in the fire at any given time, and sometimes one thing will suffer so that another can move forward.  I really, REALLY, have to do a better job of balancing all of that…it begins today.

It isn’t like there hasn’t been plenty going on to post about.  I’ll touch on a few things here and follow up with a more focused look at some of the items later on, but basically…

– the oil has stopped flowing in the Gulf, and it is possible that the final stopping-up of the hole will take place over the next few days, as the 2 intercepting wells are getting closer.

– the City of West Liberty may be getting in to the gas business.  this is probably the biggest local story lately, and I’ve totally dropped the ball on it, which is bad, since I am one of the customers that would be affected by a shutoff.  The deadline is the 26th, but it sounds like barring disapproval of the sale by the PSC, West Liberty will take over the utility, and we’ll all keep our gas on.  We shall see.

– my garden is a mess.  However, some people seem to be having luck.  We’ve gotten some great produce from both Fannin’s produce over at Index and Shenk’s produce in Crockett.  I love me some summer ‘maters.

– speaking of Crockett, did you know there is a bakery up there?  A really GOOD bakery?  They sell fresh baked bread, homemade preserves and jam, good and tasty Amish butter (if you are going to eat butter, I think you should eat the best), and all manner of bulk packaged items, such as flour, salt, sugar, spices, and dried items.  It is called Sugar and Spice, and they are open Tuesday thru Saturday, from 9am until 5 (i think?).  You should go check ’em out.

Ok…I’ll be back soon with some more stuff.  How’s THAT for specific? 🙂