classy frieds. *FIXED!*

Just an update…due to an error on my part, the Classifieds were not working. The bug has been fixed, and now the Classifieds are re-opened for business!

i bet doesn't have this problem.

well, thanks to an observant reader, i’ve been informed that our Classifieds are broken right now.  i hadn’t noticed it, because i almost exclusively use Firefox, and it appears to be isolated to Internet Explorer.

i supposed i could just tell everyone to switch to Firefox and save me the hassle of trying to figure out what is busted up, but i won’t….even though you should. 🙂

anyways, i’m working the problem (i hate it when people say that)…and hopefully i’ll have a solution before too long.

come to think of it, this might explain why there hasn’t been any more than about 10 classifieds added since i switched to the new software.  d’oh!

stay tuned…

  • anonymous

    I’m probably the only weirdo who uses Safari, but they haven’t been working with Safari, either.

  • Nighthawk

    Using: Gecko/20100713 Firefox/3.6.7 – Classifieds not working on my end.
    404 (in title)
    Nothing found (in header(h2) )

  • Nighthawk

    Only I could get my email wrong, last post.
    The Classifieds page displays, but the categories are 404.
    It will display the form to submit an ad.

  • admin

    NIghthawk, you may have helped narrow down the problem. they have been working for me because every time i visit the site, i log-in as the admin first.

    after what you posted, it got me thinking, so i logged out and tried to view the ads, and boom…’nothing found’.

    i’m working on fixing it now…hopefully will be ok soon.


  • Nighthawk

    Your Welcome.

    If I only had the extra memory and processor power I might be able to help some more.
    I experimented with WP & BB_P (locally) for a little while and would often experience
    problems with plugins and widgets having negative effects on other plugins & widgets.

    I might be something as simple as a setting or it could be a conflict between a combination
    of plugins & widgets. Hopefully it isn’t a conflict.

    But come to think of it, I could never get WP & BB_P integrated so I ended up using
    rss and hacking in links from WP to BB_P and vice-versa to give the appearance of integration…
    still had to have a separate acct for BB_P though. Deleted/Corrupted a few databases in the
    process too. Man! What a learning experience.

    This old P-II just won’t carry the load, else I’d at-least try and help a little more.

    Now they make cellphones that outperform this old box that I keep patching up… lol :/