Gas wars are on…

(**the gas wars seem to be over for now, but we’ll keep the story up for our archives**)

…and we can all benefit!

if you haven’t filled your car up with gas, and you could use some in the tank right now, i advise you to truck it on over to West Liberty and fill ‘er up! The Cougar Corner, BJ’s Quick-Stop, and whatever the name of that one is downtown on the corner of 519 & 460 are offering prices WAY below surrounding areas.

as of 4pm, Cougar Corner and BJ’s were offering gas for $2.31/gallon, and the place downtown had it for $2.26/gallon.

so go fill your tank up before these prices are gone.

UPDATE: we’ve even made the news now…click here.

  • Mthope

    no interest in the site whatsoever but find it
    useful for trips to lex and Mt. Sterling and even
    Morehead, dont remember seeing any posts
    from W. Liberty on a regular basis
    check out http://

    you can check prices over 12 or 24hours
    in those places people are posting them and
    they always seem accurate from my experience
    unless overnight price changes, as always seems
    to go up quicker than they come down.
    AND brent crude hit $ 78 bucks last week so
    look out by “labor day” and school starting up.

    I’m thinking of gassing up everything I can limp
    to the station tagged or not.

  • Mthope

    Back to normal one day deal?
    2.63-POINT- .9!

    I discharged that in Mt. Sterling at the
    Fast Lane out by JaySeePenay on the by pass
    they give .05 off per gallon if you got green stuff
    (which only saves $1 on 20gallons but with the
    price .10-15cents lower that starts to add up)
    Of course then you get the gallon of cold
    Highbridge springs for 1.59 and the 2 for a buck
    hershey’s and you’ve more than spent the .05 off?!?!
    oh well.

  • AstroChimp

    2 for a buck Hershey’s?
    That’s cheap! Not that I eat them, but just saying so…

    Guess Moorehead has to pay for EcoDev somehows Eh?

    Pay me no tension, I’m playing with a really old browser right now. 🙂