McCain. WOW.

I can’t say I don’t see what McCain was doing by picking this Sarah Palin as his running mate.  Rather than let one side steal the spotlight with all the talk of making history, he decided to pick an historically significant candidate of his own.

However, couldn’t/shouldn’t he have picked someone that people have actually heard of?  Someone who would would have the qualities to run this country, should something happen to McCain.

I look at it this way.  There are 4 people in the running to be President of the USA.  Should anything happen to the President, the Vice President has to be ready to serve.  I am positive that Obama and Biden are ready to serve, and as much as I don’t want him to be elected, McCain is also ready to serve.  Does anyone actually think that Sarah Palin is ready to be the President of the United States?

She is governor of a state with one of the smallest populations in this country, and she’s never really served in any sort of way that would prepare her deal with foreign relations.  While that may be one of Obama’s weaker points, according to the media, at least by serving in the United States Senate, he has dealt with issues of national and international importance and relevance on a day-to-day basis.  Sarah Palin has not.

I just cannot imagine how anyone in this country can feel good about this pick.  This has to rank right up there with the Ferraro choice.

Sure, she seems like a maverick…a throwback to how McCain views himself.  But Presidential material?  Absolutely not.

Palin is BIG friends with BIG OIL.  She wants to drill everywhere.  She does not believe that man is contributing to global warming, and she’s anti-choice on abortion.  Also, she hates polar bears. Basically, she’s dhunley’s dream candidate. lol

Here’s some additional reading about Mrs. Palin:

McCain didn’t really even KNOW her before picking her

She supported the “bridge to nowhere”, before she was against it

Her Wikipedia page was mysteriously scrubbed

She supported Pat Buchannon

  • I’d rather remain anonymous

    WOW! I’d Say!

    Maybe he’s looking to appeal to the male voters 🙂

  • I’d rather remain anonymous

    The comment sort of lost its meaning since the picture didn’t show up in ti.

  • admin

    i agree…the post needed a photo.

    attractive, yes.

    VP/Presidential material? no way.

  • admin

    next time i do that, you guys can bust one of these out on me…

    or simply type… TTIUWOP…and i’ll get the hint. 🙂

  • mountain man

    Hi all, looks like the republicans are at it again. Don’t talk about the issues , just fool the sheepals one more time. Lets not talk about the big oil money, jobs lost , voting with the present administration 90 % of the time, keep the war going, what happened with no child left behind. Wake Up ! If you vote for the same old same old , the blood of our troops is on your hands, think about that when you vote for the same old bunch. I am not saying that things will change over night but at least we have to try. When they say we are not the same who do they think they are fooling. If it walks like a duck, squaks like a duck, looks like a duck , chances are it’s a duck . Vote to change this mess!

  • mountain man

    I hate paying these taxes for Conley to do all his politicing on. I hope Gevedon will run again. He knows what is going on. He was a magistrate for a long time and we did not have any tax raises during that time. Property or other-wise. Now we are paying more tax and no more jobs or anything else. Gevedon is a good honest person . I have known him for years, when he tells you something that’s the way it is. I know he is working with the Beshear administration and I hope he can get us some help . Not just Talk !

  • Dhunley

    I love to watch these modern liberals do the mental limbo…start the music…sing with me “how low can they go!” Don’t place your bets yet, we’ve got two more months to go…lol.

    Dave, out of the four candidates, Palin is actually the most qualified. She’s the ONLY one who has had any real executive experience; the only one who has filled a final decision-maker position—unless you want to count Obama deciding what left-slanted article to put in a college newspaper…LOL. A “community organizer”…HILARIOUS!

    Palin is also the only candidate who seems to believe this country is great and the only one who seems to understand what makes this country great–which, of course, is the very reason the modern liberals hates her so much.

    You know this is true. That’s why you’re reduced to absurd arguments like “she hates polar bears” and “no foreign relations experience”.

    And what is Obama’s experience? Oh yeah, he goes overseas on a little jaunt during a campaign and says he’s “embarrassed” by Americans—as long as he doesn’t exhibit any kind of pride in America he’s fully qualified in the eyes of the modern liberal.

    Dave, exactly WHAT has Obama accomplished that impresses you so; that might send a tingle down your leg?

    And you say Palin supported Buchannon? You know you’re stretching it, but alright, I’ll give you Buchannon for a Rev Wright, and raise you Bill Ayers!

    You STILL swallowing that man-made global warming junk? I understand that’s been put on hold for at least ten years? Right?

  • Dhunley

    Mountain man…that name, hummmmm, “mountain man”. Conjures up images of a self reliant individual who’d tell the government “to mind your own business”. and a ‘I can take care of myself’ kinde of guy.

    Yet, here you are whinning like a happy-pappy man. Like a man who’d say “Yes, please take money from a hardworking, successful man and give it to me so I can sit on the porch all day with my squirrel guns and dogs!”

    You must mean “Appalachian” mountain man…and the worst kind; the kind that says “Poor little ol me, I can’t do nothing on my own….I need the “guberment” to buy my vote with a load of gravel and a half-pint of J.W. Dant whiskey.

    Oooooh I know that type of “Appalachian” mountain man all toooooo well. Yeah, if it walks like a duck and all that it might be a duck—the kind of duck who has mocked as “educated idiots” the people who came in and out-smarted them out of their resources and natural wealth aided and abetted by that democrat politician who gave you that load of gravel.

    Think about THAT when you pull that lever.

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    not sure what is causing the problem…

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