oh, those funny, funny republicans…

listen…i don’t care if larry craig is gay…i know it may not be a popular opinion in most of this country, especially in a small town like ours…but if he is gay, then so be it.
as far as that goes, if he wants to solicit sex in a public bathroom stall, and he can do it without getting caught, and it is consensual, and with someone of legal age….well then have at it.

but if you even think for one SECOND that you might ever do ANY of those things i’ve listed above, you probably should never….EVER…go on the record saying something like this…

…it’s just bound to come back and bite you (unsolicited).

  • http://www.nowebsightvisable.info Mthope

    I wunder what we are being destracted from, what could we have been hearing
    about if this wasn’t taking up so much of the news cycle?

    here is a collection of some, some videos you might find intriguing

    since some people need spoon feeding on the concept
    that “…in politics there are no accidents, you can bet it was planned this way,”
    Franklin Delano Rosenfelt/Roosevelt (FDR)
    (supposed to be added to on a regular basis BTW)