The HumpDay Review – 9/12/2007


The Sorghum Festival got a week closer…to me, that’s big news.  Not only does it mean that we’re one week closer to funnel cakes and soup beans and taco salads and…well, all sorts of goodies.  Oh yeah…and sorghum. 🙂

Some students found a threatening note in their locker at the high school, and students were searched the next morning as they arrived.  It is amazing how the times have changed.  Used to be, you might hear a student say to another student, “I’m gonna kill you!”…but you knew it wasn’t serious, or at worst meant there was liable to be an a*s whoopin’ on the playground later…now, it might be an actual death threat…or a phoned in bomb threat was most likely an attempt by someone to get out of class, whereas now, there might actually be a truckload of TNT in the parking lot.  I’m not trying to make light of it…I just think it is a sad, sad state of affairs.  I think that somehow, society’s attempts to make life easier on today’s youth has actually made it that much harder for them.

The Cougars played their first home game….


…which led to the Cougars first home loss, and 2nd loss of the season.  The Cougars fell to Powell County, a team which hadn’t won a game in quite some time.  The adjustment to a new coach is usually rocky, and the team doesn’t have the benefit of a lot of depth, so things could be a little rough for a while to come.  However, with the new alignment and playoff system, even if the Cougars go 0-10, they could still make the playoffs.

The Kentucky Wildcats football team defeated a VERY pesky Kent State team which was led by a QB and RB were so small that nobody on UK’s team seemed to be able to find them in the first half.  Things improved in the second half, however, and UK put away the Golden Flashes.  Next up is the marquis matchup…UK vs UL…it should be a great game.

The UK basketball team got some GREAT news this week with the announcement from Mason County’s Darius Miller that he plans to enroll with the Wildcats.  UK has to keep own the state in recruiting, and coach Billy Clyde couldn’t have started with any bigger feather for his cap than Mr. Miller.  Excellent.


Gas prices went up again…who could have ever seen that coming??

Oprah Winfrey came out in support of Obama, which I think is a HUGE boost to his historical campaign.

Adventurist Steve Fosset still hasn’t been found. If you like to go on adventures, you’re known as an adventurist.  I like to go on adventures, I just don’t want to ever be known as an adventurist….just a guy who likes to go on adventures. (RIP, Mitch)