That’s the politics, baby…

So, the indictment against Morgan County Judge Executive Tim Conley has been dropped due to some shoddy handling of the case by the prosecutor. From what I’d read and heard about the case, it seemed like there was at least SOME sort of violation of the law that took place, however minor it may have been, and for the Republicans to try and justify what they did by saying, “Well, the Democrats have been doing it for years!” is not exactly an ideal way to say, “I’m innocent.”

Don’t misunderstand. I’m not at all saying that I wished for Judge Conley to end up in the pokey or anything…and if he’s innocent of the charges, and if it was a “witch hunt” by the Democrats, as some have suggested, then justice has most definitely been served. However, if he WAS guilty of wrong-doing and is going to get out of this because of some big goof by the prosecutor, then I’m not exactly sure Judge Conley should be celebrating his “victory” with a fish fry.

In his Judge’s Corner article this week in the LVC, Judge Conley finally felt it was OK to talk about the case, and how this person and that person and neighbors and friends of the same “political faction” who were apparently out to get him. I’m not sure I know who all of the unnamed players are to which he is referring, nor do I really want to. I don’t think, however, that the process was a witch-hunt, cooked up by Democrats to simply remove the Judge from office. If there was wrong-doing that went on, it doesn’t matter if it was the Democrats who brought it to the attention of the state prosecutor…they are simply playing the game, and both parties play it.

As of late, the Democrats, who used to be the masters of the game, have really given way to the Republicans. It seems that in situations where it should be easier than shooting fish in a barrel to take the Republicans to task over something, they instead end up shooting themselves in the foot, and the Republicans come out smelling like a rose.

Right now, Steve Beshear has a HUGE lead on incumbent Ernie Fletcher…as much as 15 to 20 points in the latest polls…and to cap it off, Fletcher is in trouble with the law AGAIN…so, it would seem that unless Beshear is caught running naked through a pumpkin patch with a bottle of scotch, a fistful of lottery tickets, and singing love songs to farm animals, he is a LOCK to win the Governor’s race this Fall…and even then, he’d probably win by 5 points.

Oh, but there is time. Time enough for the Democrats to really goof things up and let Fletcher sneak back into the race. Take the presidential election (please!). A year ago, the Democrats could have run a chimpanzee in a cheerleader’s outfit against whatever Republican wanted to step up, and they would have won the election in a landslide. However, they’ve decided to field a pool of candidates that has it fully within their power to lose it again in 2008.

Maybe if they manage to win, they’ll have themselves a big fish fry, too.

  • Joyce

    This is the first time visiting the site and I really enjoy it so far. Plus, I totally agree with what you said in this particular article about Judge Conly.

  • dave

    hi, joyce, and welcome aboard! i’m glad you like the site, and as always, remember that if you have any suggestions about things you’d like to see, feel free to let me know!

    i hope that everyone knows i’m trying to present things the way i see them, and my comments don’t have anything to do with personal feelings. truth be told, i really think that BOTH parties have lost touch with the public, let alone reality, and we need to do whatever we can to let them know that we are tired of the same old, tired BS that they’ve been putting forth.

  • WildCatFan

    I agree Dave…politics on both sides…is getting farther and farther away from the people. It is almost as if they get elected and then go to work for a big company somewhere else and forget who the real bosses are (until the next election comes around and it’s all about the people again). To take a line from “Man of the Year”…”Politicians are like diapers…they need to be changed often and for the same reason”.

  • TechKnomen

    “Well, the Democrats have been doing it for years!”

    That almost sounds like the Attorney General’s “modus operandi”
    or motto towards the Fletcher Adminstration eh Pat Paulson fans
    errrrr Paul Patton fans:
    “only democrats should be able to get away with that”

    Increasingly it looks like you don’t get in office,
    whether or not you know the double super secret handshake;
    unless the THEY already got some dirt on you so that it
    can be used to marionette for incase you get out of hand and
    try to restore the constitution or real property rights and such;
    or shoot off at the mouth about how the country is being
    run in perpetual bankruptcy and using the Clearfield Doctrine
    one could…. eh never mind… I could tell you but some
    would abuse it.

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  • Cyberhillbilly


    Pumpkin patch… that was funny.

    Edwin Edwards who was Guv or Louisianna many terms used to say the only way he’d lose an election is if he got caught in bed… with a dead woman or a live boy.

    Gotta love those political sayings.