Tuesday is typically the day that new albums and DVDs are released.  As such, it seems like Tuesdays would be a good time to review, or at least talk about, some of those new releases.  I am also thinking of writing new reviews on old albums and movies.  I find that lots of times, because of how I tend to listen to music, it may be months or years before I get around to listening to an album I’d intended to check out sooner.  I’ve also discovered some great albums several years past their release date.  Actually, one of my favorite albums of this year has been an album that was released three years ago.  So I figure, why not go ahead and write a review of some of those new discoveries?  They might just become some of your favorite albums, too.

Today, I found a newly released song by a band that I found out about around this same time last year thanks to Spotify.  If you aren’t yet familiar with Spotify, it is a streaming music service that offers both a free and paid version.  Basically, just about any song you can think of is on there, and you can build custom playlists to listen to however much of it you’d like.  If you get the paid version, it removes the ads and allows you to download high-quality versions of however many songs you’d like and makes them available even when you are offline.  The free version requires an internet connection.  The app keeps track of how many times you listen to a song and sends that information to a database.  Spotify then pays the artists royalties based on their number of plays.  Now whether or not it is a fair model for bands and musicians is quite debatable.  Whether it is awesome for the end user, however, is not.

Anyway, Spotify is always attempting to notify you of other bands you might enjoy, based on whatever band or musician you are listening to.  Sometimes, they are duds, but once in awhile, it nails it.  Last year, Spotify decided I might like a group called The Barr Brothers, based on something I was listening to.  The most recent album available on there was 2011’s self-titled album, and the first song, “Beggar in the Morning”, was one that I liked right away.  Today, I noticed that they had some new items listed.  To be honest, I did not actually make the connection at first that it was the same band.  I actually found them by accident yet again, but I doubt I’ll be forgetting the name so soon this time.

Their new album is called Sleeping Operator, and it will be available October 7.  The song I am loving today is called “Love Ain’t Enough”, and I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of this album next month. This song is distinctly different from “Beggar in the Morning”, but I can still hear elements in here that recall things about that song that made me like it so much.

Part two of my two-for-Tuesday musical discovery today was a band called The Apache Relay.  Spotify actually suggested I might like them based on the fact that I was listening to The Barr Brothers.  Turns out, it was right.  I’ve given a quick listen to their latest album, titled simply, The Apache Relay, and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard so far.

In particular, the first song on the album, “Katie Queen of Tennessee”, has been on repeat all day long.  I am really looking forward to listening to the rest of this album more closely, and I will try to write a more complete review after I have.

For now, here’s the other song I’m loving today…

In the spirit of this two-for-Tuesday theme, here's 2 starkly different versions of the same photo.  It was taken back in June while I was mowing.  iPhone 5 | Photoshop

In the spirit of this two-for-Tuesday theme, here are 2 starkly different versions of the same photo…the one at the top of the page in color, and this version in black and white. It was taken back in June while I was mowing.
iPhone 5 | Photoshop