• http://rowanreview.com dhunley

    I’m sure you’ll see the irony here…AND I’m sure that you’ll know this is not criticizing you personally; but here you’ve decided…after—I’d figure–at least several minutes of deliberation…to strike some of Oversight’s comments because you felt they might offend someone.

    Now please…understand, I might have agreed with you so I’m NOT second-guessing you.

    However, you seem to be a bit perturbed because a news network decided—after—I’d figure—a few seconds of delay…to strike ONE WORD of Sally Fields’ little speech.

    And, I might add, everyone knew what this ONE WORD was and it was a word that many feel should not be used in polite company; in fact, many of us feel it is taking the Lord’s name in vain.

    Put it this way…would your mother or grandmother have approved of you using that word? Or anyone else? Would it have offended them, you reckon? So you’d be willing to allow someone to offend your mother and grandmother (and MOST CERTAINLY mine…lol)—but you’re determined to prevent US from being offended by being called whatever oversight might have called us?

    You DO see the irony here, don’t you? Because I’m SURE Sally Field doesn’t see the irony of promoting motherhood with a potty mouth. I’m SURE Sally Field doesn’t see the irony of the fact that it is the sacrifices of the sons and daughters of mothers (and fathers) that allows Sally Field to live her life in a dreamland.

    Surely you’re not suggesting this network censored her just because she was ANOTHER Hollywoodhead to criticize the war are you?

  • dave

    dhunley, i have no idea what sally field said, and Fox made sure that i didn’t. all i know is that she was talking about the war, and suddenly, silence…

    now, after watching the video a few times, i have a pretty good idea what word she slipped in there, but the video was cut away from for a whole lot longer than it would take to say that 1 word.

    my mother and my grandmother would be just fine with me using that word (GD, for those of you who didn’t pick it up from the video)…i’m not going to run around yelling it out all day long, but no, they’d have no problem with it, but i’m sure some folks would, so if Fox wants to cut away from that word, i think that is fine. i was more perturbed at the idea that they cut away from her because she was speaking out against the war.

    we won’t go into how i feel about profanity and the crazy power-trip the FCC has been on since Janet Jackson’s public display at the Super Bowl a few years ago…let’s get back to the issue at hand here.

    first of all, for those of you actually reading all of this, dhunley is talking about a decision i made on ANOTHER website, rowanreview.com, to edit a post that someone made. it was a decision that was not arrived at lightly. after much consideration, however, i decided that some parts of the post amounted to nothing more than a personal attack, and it has been made clear that those sorts of posts will not be tolerated.

    the last thing i want to do is censor anyone, but i also cannot allow someone to come to the site and just start insulting people. we have rules and guidelines that have been set forth, and i have been very flexible on them from the beginning. i want everyone to be able to say what they are feeling without fear of censorship.

    if Fox simply edited out a word that they didn’t feel was appropriate for television, or that breaks the guidelines set forth by the FCC, then they are justified in the decision they made, even if i don’t agree with it…i mean, not EVERYBODY is offended by the word…so why is it that those who are offended are the ones that are looked out for? i’ve never quite understood that, but…all that aside…

    if that’s why it was censored, then so be it. if they cut away just because they didn’t agree with her message, then that was just wrong.

    what “oversight” said on the rowanreview was insulting…his words weren’t removed because i found his position to be one i didn’t agree with (which i don’t, by the way)…his words were edited because we’re trying to promote a free and open discussion here, not give people a forum in which they can jump on and insult others with no regard. he could have made his point without throwing in the insults, and the part that was removed was very minor.

    i’m not interested in censoring anyone, and i will only take action to edit a post or comment when i feel it has crossed a line…i try not to be overly sensitive or take my self too seriously…i think we’ve already gotten too “PC” as a nation, and that scares the crap out of me, so you can imagine how hard i struggled with my decision to make those changes.

    and even though “oversight” went too far, in my opinion, the meat of his comment was allowed to remain posted, even though it still was pretty harsh, and he wasn’t banned or blacklisted from the site…he wasn’t fined thousands of dollars for what he said, and i won’t be boycotting him or forming a coalition to have him fired from his job for saying what he said…and he certainly won’t be arrested and tasered, as far as i know…

    no, a few words will be snipped out in order to bring the comment back in line with the rules of the forum, and we’ll move right along…and hopefully it won’t ever be an issue again.

    so, if i’m wrong about why sally field’s speech was cut off, then so be it…if Fox doesn’t think the nation can absorb hearing the “GD” word, that is their prerogative…i would just hope that they didn’t cut away because she said something that was anti-war.

  • http://rowanreview.com dhunley

    Dave…it WOULDN’T be wrong, even IF that were the reason…and I’ll tell you why. FOX news is a privately owned company. FOX news can show (or not show) whatever they want—within the FCC guidelines, of course. It’s a PRIVATE company with no obligation whatsoever to show what either of us might want.

    Are you trying to say that a Hollywoodhead is against the war? NOooooooooo….DO TELL…lol.

    People like Sally Field just blow my mind. WE WERE ATTACKED! Actually, we’d been under attack for 20 some years. Yet these people think that we can just stick our head under the covers and everything will be alright. They’re so frightened they’ll find a way to blame America for muslims killing over 3,000 Americans.

    Of course, I shouldn’t be too surprised. People like Sally Field have been around since the days of the revolution—and before. Anyone remember Lindbergh’s letter?


    (And…it appears that Lindbergh managed to blame the Jews to boot 😉

    Man…if history teaches us ANYTHING it’s that isolationism DOESN’T work. Look at what has happened to every country that has tried it. Even China…with a resource of a billion people wound up a miserable, impoverished country.

    I’ve said it before…and I’ll say it again (until I’m blue in the face if it will help any)…there may be PLENTY of legitimate reasons to oppose this war. They may range from entanglements in foreign affairs to the idea that we just can’t win.

    However, I never hear any of them from these yahoos. They’re all like Sally Fields’ little riff of nonsense. I wonder what Sally would say to the “mothers” who allow their sons to be strapped with explosives and sent into discos?

  • http://rowanreview.com dhunley

    Does this ring a bell?

    When these facts are cited, the interventionists shout that we are defeatists, that we are undermining the principles of democracy, and that we are giving comfort to Germany by talking about our military weakness. But everything I mention here has been published in our newspapers, and in the reports of congressional hearings in Washington. Our military position is well known to the governments of Europe and Asia. Why, then, should it not be brought to the attention of our own people?

    Man…it sounds soooooo familiar, doesn’t it? It’s from the Lindbergh letter. These people have been around forever…they’re the type that debated the sex of Angles while the barbarians gathered at the gate.

    Twice in the past we listened to the John Kerry’s and the Sally Fields’ of the world…and millions died and millions of others were left under the boot of oppressive tyranny…AND we were left with even bigger problems.

    So Sally, my child…use your potty mouth while you can—because if we don’t win this struggle, you can bet your kind will NOT have a head from which to spout your nonsense.

    Oh…and if you think this war is being blundered and we’re not following the rules of the war, I have a friend that posted an article on his blog you might find interesting. It’s here:


    And here’s a snippet of a letter from General Dwight D. Eisenhower, commander of allied forces in the invastion of North Africa:

    The best way to describe our operations to date is that they have violated every recognized principle of war, are in conflict with all operational and logistics methods laid down in textbooks, and will be condemned, in their entirety, by all Leavenworth and war college classes for the next 25 years.