Morehead Professor Working on Stories Project

This seems like a very neat and very worthwhile project. Hopefully folks will contact Carrie to share their story.  Here is the message from Dr. Coaplen:

Did you survive the Spring 2012 tornado and storms in West Liberty? If you were affected in any way and would like to share you story, I am interested. My name is Carrie, and I teach writing at Morehead State. The project I am beginning to work on involves West Liberty and survivors’ narratives. Specifically, I hope to collect your shared stories, reflections, journal entries, poems, and any writings about that event.

I am especially interested in how home becomes redefined or recreated through telling stories like yours, and how place is understood. I plan to expand this project and seek participants who want to post stories on a web site, or who will fill out a survey about the experience, or who are willing to be interviewed via phone or face to face.

If you would like to share your story and participate, contact me, Carrie Coaplen: 502 533 4433 or

Below are the copies of the survey and consent forms you can fill out and give to Carrie.

Informed consent

Formatted survey


  • Georg Hill

    The documents for telling your story are ready! if you like, you can email me at Georg.Hill@gmail for an electronic template. Also, if you would be interested in helping distribute, just let me know! Thanks! – Georganna

  • adminDave

    The links to the forms are now attached to the story.