How ’bout that Sorghum Festival?

So, what did you think this year?  There were a few new things…some new booths…music in the food area…and a couple more.  The weather was PERFECT, and I think the crowd was a direct reflection of that.

We only went over on Saturday this year.  We got there shortly before the parade started (and by shortly, I mean it was like 12:50!), and in the past couple of years, the crowd has been really thinned out by then for the parade.  This year, the crowd was relatively smaller right before the parade, but still larger than it has been in the past couple of years.  I can only imagine how full it was earlier and later on.  We left just as the parade ended, so I can’t really comment on how many folks flooded back into Main Street.

Also interesting this year was how the "Sorghum Festival 2" has really grown outside of town past Index, over in the 460 Flea Market area.  The traffic was BAD as you moved through there, and the crowds were huge.  At one point on Saturday, traffic was backed up from the area around the flea market and BJ’s gas station all the way past the West Liberty vet clinic and nearly to the Fannin’s farm produce stand.  Now that is some backup!!

So let’s hear your thoughts on this year’s festival.  What did you like…what DIDN’T you like…what booths did you enjoy most?  Give us your thoughts, Morgan County…we’re listening. 🙂

  • Dhunley

    It was great, Dave. My wife and I made it Sunday. The weather was indeed perfect and we had a good time. Of course, my favorite is always the eating part…lol… I got to see Mr. Whitaker…picked up a few items. Just a fun time. The ONLY downer was that they were out of funnel cakes—shucks darn! But the Kiawis bean dinner made up for it…

    Really enjoyed it!