What else is there to say, really? Everywhere you turn right now, people are talking about it. It is in our schools. It is in our restaurants. It is on our skin. Schools are being closed down so that they can be cleaned (which makes me wonder…aren’t they being cleaned anyway??). Listen, I’ve done my part not to help create the super bug. If I get sick, I just lay around and whine about it to anybody that will listen, and in a few days, I feel better…no medicine needed. But a combination of doctors being too quick to dish out antibiotics and sick people not being thorough enough to finish their entire prescriptions has put us all at jeopardy.

So now, if I start feeling sick, I’m almost too scared to NOT go see the doctor. It just seems strange to me that all of a sudden this topic is everywhere. You can’t turn on the news or pick up a paper or click on a web site without seeing it mentioned. Hell, it is even posted on the front page of THIS site right now!

So, everybody be sure to wash your hands and bathe in Purel hand sanitizer and don’t touch door knobs and don’t talk to people and don’t do ANYTHING, because the staph will get you!!!

  • TechKnomen

    WHen you say dish out antibiotics you mean patented $$$ hi dollar stuff that
    the bugs can develop resistance to.

    Drink a gallon a week of collodial silver (10ppm) and see if you get blue blooded
    anemia in a year. Silver is good enuf for babies eyes when born but
    dont dare promote homemade .9999fine colloid silver solutions as a
    cure they will shut down your webpage?

    As with ALL antibiotics (yep the ones in the food too) you need
    to constantly replace the probiotics in the gut, not just acidophilous
    (that kraft stuff on tv is junk “regularus”LOL more like gasulargeous)
    Essential enzimes are required as our irradiated foods have little after
    the ray guns zap them to reduce big agra liability by killing the food.

  • TechKnomen
  • TechKnomen

    Can you tell I dont trust the establishment corportism(not free enterprise system)
    here is one factor vaccine ingredients:
    break a thermometer(or compact fluorescent LOL)
    and they shut down the school for
    cleanup but it is ok to inject thermosal(49%mercury) into the little
    human resources (and formalahyde too)

    No wunder our immunesystems cant fight off MRSA

    Most of the diseases of 100yrs ago were wiped out by
    sanitary sewers &septic treatment measures.