The People Have Spoken

Can you hear me now??

Well, the 2010 general election has come and gone…finally…and the results are in (mostly).

Across the country, folks lined up to make their voices heard, and if you are President Obama, you have to have heard them loud and clear.  In overwhelming fashion, the Republicans took back control of the US House of Representatives from the Democrats.  People are obviously angry that things aren’t really getting any better (although you culd also argue that at least they aren’t getting any WORSE), and the Democratic party bore the brunt of that anger…or as President Obama called it today, “a shellacking”.

I won’t comment on the problem with the logic of voters voicing their displeasure about things being stagnant by basically deciding to gridlock things even more by putting an opposing party in charge of the House.  However, in some ways, it could be good for the President.  There always has to be a villain, and now, he has one.  Hey, it worked (mostly) for Clinton…if you overlook that whole “impeachment” thing. 🙂

But enough about the nation…what about right here at home, where it REALLY matters?

It looked to me like voter turnout was very high.  I arrived to vote around 5pm and was in line for almost 40 minutes, which has never happened before.  There were a few heated local races that helped bring folks out to vote, I’m sure, including the race for sheriff, school board, mayor, and city council.

So…here’s how it all came out in Morgan County (in the races that were opposed):

US Senator:  Rand Paul 43% – Jack Conway 57% (Paul won race)

US Representative, 5th District: Hal Rogers 68% – James Holbert 32% (Rogers won race)

State Representative, 71st District: John Will Stacy 72% – Christian Weigel 28% (John Will Stacy won race)

Sheriff: Mickey Whitt 57% – Roger Benton 43%

Mayor, West Liberty: Jim Rupe 61% – Darrell Bradley 39%

I don’t see the results for City Council and School Board elections posted online right now, so I’ll try to update this when I have the official results, or anyone is free to post them as a comment below.