Black Friday…what have we become?

This morning kicked off the annual shopping MESS that has become known as "Black Friday", where large herds of angry beasts known as "Christmas Shopper" pile up outside of big box stores to save a few bucks on some random items.

Every year, the doors open early (I saw ads for places opening at 4am!!), and piles of people cram inside, and usually we end up with a good story or 2 out of it all.

Here’s some video of last year’s event at a Target store…

  • Dhunley

    We’re the same we’ve always been…either love us or leave us alone!

    Man…it gets to be a chore…having to constantly struggle against the gloom-and-doom of the modern liberal—but I guess that’s the price of freedom, eh?…lol.

    I think the most common characteristic of the modern liberal is one of unending pessimism; an outlook toward life that is so gray…so utterly joyless…that no amount of light can penetrate it’s darkness.

    This little video illustrates this quite well, I think. Did YOU do this? Did I? Did any of the millions of other Americans? Why heck no. All we have here is a few people who went to an extreme on this occasion. (And you want to know something else? I’d bet donuts to diet tabs that had you interviewed those few, you’d have discovered they thought the world was just a horrible place and man was making it worse…which would make them modern liberals…lol….I guarantee those slinging their fists were Hillary-supporter-types…guarantee it!)

    And if you WERE one of them…well, that was your choice, wasn’t it? Who am I to interfere with your choice?

    But the worst thing about these modern liberals (and you’ll never change them, they’ll be Eyeore’s or Watership Downs-poet-reading-snare-accepting rabbits all their lives) is that they are INTENT on forcing their opinions onto the rest of us.

    They’ll use whatever means they think will work; They’ll moan so loud that they “care” about people…that they just want to do what’s “right” (while dismissing what YOU think is “right”)…all the while promoting policies and ideas that are absolutely the most harmful to people…and tearing down institutions and ideas that made this country great.

    Why do they do it? I dunno…probably lots of reasons—but none of them involving a concern for their fellow man, that’s for sure.

    Maybe it’s just like the old saying…misery loves company.