Could this have BEEN any better?


Sarah Palin is back up there in Alaska, ya know?  Well, I reckon she made a trip out to a turkey farm to pardon a turkey for Thanksgiving…give him his reprieve from the dining room table.

Little did she know that in the background, while she was doing her interview, one of the little fellas isn’t having such a great day. lol

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    Later reports indicate that Ms. Palin was indeed aware of what was going on behind her, she just “didn’t think it would matter”.

    That is her problem, she can’t think beyond a sound bite. I guess the guy in the background was Dennis the Decapitator.

  • Great Example

    The reactionary views of this are a great example of how detached from
    our food we are. Youngens’ wont eat eggs after they find out the come
    out of a chickens butt and are not made in a factory.

    Perhaps Palin feels this way and or the Reporter is a animal rights
    activist vegetarian extremist? Think a little deeper before
    you step in it. Her accent is my biggest problem she
    just sounds dumb like those folks in the movie “Far North”
    or the Mackinzie brothers have another beer eh?
    Lets watch the Red Green Show !!!

  • anna

    WHO IS D HUNLEY?????

  • dhunley

    Gotta give you guys credit; you do recognize the danger to your ideology that Palin represents.

    But hey, do you guys reckon the American public will make the connection between the tanking economy, the Democratic control of Congress, and the election of Obama?

    Uuuuuuhhh, mere coincidence, ya think? While I’m sure you guys, the media, and every Hollywoodhead star in the galaxy will try to convince people that BUSH IS THE PROBLEM, I’m not sure you can pull it off. We’ll see.

    Look…all this can be predicted. It happened before with Carter, and it’ll happen again with Obama. Their ideology and method of government (along with yours, the media, and every Hollywoodhead star in the galaxy) has proven to fail every single time it’s been tried. It’ll fail this time too.

    Your only resort is to continue trying to blame someone else for the problems and misery YOU cause. Will it work? I dunno…it’s like someone said:

    You can fool all the people some of the time, and you can fool some of the people all the time (modern liberals come to mind in this instance)…but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

  • sunnyborderblue

    dhunley – that might just be the silliest thing i’ve read in a long time……….

    ronald reagan – hollywoodhead
    sonny bono – hollywoodhead
    arnold – hollywoodhead
    charleston heston – hollywoodhead

    people are feeling the affects of a republican controlled government. yes, the democrats have had a majority the last couple of years but not a large enough one to really get anything passed. the people voted, dhunley, including yourself i hope. get over it – you’ve had your day. now let’s see if the other side can do any better. not sure that they can but don’t think they can do any worse.

  • dhunley

    Sunny…sure, sure…those poor little democrats can’t get anything done because of those nasty old republicans; and Bush is so dumb he’s out-smarted every democrat for 8 years now.

    Yeah, that’s your story and I’m sure you’ll stick to it. It’s a good thing you’re well versed in that argument—because you’re going to have plenty of opportunity to exercise it over the next four years.

    We can put blame where ever we like—but as I gaze into the crystal ball of history, I predict misery and hardship aplenty as Obama and your beloved democrats go about installing a socialistic government that has failed every where and every time it has been tried.

    So…keep that old “blame it on the republicans” argument well-honed—you’re going to need it!

  • admin

    dhunley, i’d bet a dollar to a doughnut that not only will things not get worse over the next 4 years, they will improve substantially.

    of course, time will tell, but from where i’m sitting, it sure seems like we are pretty much on the bottom, so how much farther down can we go?

    and did you actually seriously suggest that somehow this economic mess is the fault of the Republicans?!??

    amazing. truly amazing.

  • Ron O’Connor

    Damn right it”s the republicans fault, They have made us whores to the oil industries and anybody that can’t see that has to be blind. It’s amazing how eastern Ky. has so many republicans, When nobody here makes enough money to pull that ballot,(must be lack of education) or there living off the money and houses their parents left them in wich I know is so true.

  • dhunley

    It’ll REALLY be bad when THEY start saying things are getting better—because people will be dying. And we’ll only have ourselves to blame.

    Some of you may know that my job required me to move. Last week I was unpacking one of my boxes…came across a magazine with the headline:


    in holography, no less!

    Yep…man destroying the planet. Same old “the-sky-is-falling, too-many-people, we’re-all-gonna-die UNLESS…UNLESS…we turn over our lives to a bunch of bureaucrats who are soooooooo much smarter than we are.

    The magazine I’m referring to is the December issue of National Geographic—of 1988! Got that? That’s 1—9—8—8! Twenty years ago. They were at it then; they were at it 20 years before that and—if time lasts—they’ll be at it 20 years from now.

    But who am I talking to? Reasonable people already know this.

    Many people don’t care one way or the other—as long as they think they can get some kind of free ride from the evil “rich” people. Hence, the election of Obama.

    And the ones who are saying all this “gloom and doom” stuff?

    Oh, they don’t care about the truth…they’ll use Global Cooling, Global Warming, disappearing caribou/bear/snail darter etc, etc, etc…or whatever else they can use to justify their seizure of power.

    They don’t really BELIEVE their own junk; they’re just trying to control people because…somehow…yeah know…somehow, we’re destroying the planet. They can’t point to anything specific—and if you push them to get specific, they resort to the whine:

    “But…why SHOULDN’T we save the planet?” or they’ll attack you by saying ‘What have you got against helping the environment?”

    Happens every time.

    And those “many” people who don’t care one way or the other? They’ll just “check the box”…say RIGHT ON!!—NOW WHERE’S MY FREE STUFF?” (hence the election of Obama).

    So how will we know when things are getting better? When will the “CAN MAN SAVE THIS FRAGILE EARTH?” (with a holographic image of a fractured planet, no less) people say things are getting better?

    Why…when more millions of people are dying from disease and poverty, that’s when. But hey, we’re just another species—so, no big deal. Right?

  • dhunley

    Well…Hello Dan! Tell me—QUICK! Where should I send the rescue party? How many do I need to send to free you from those EVIL people forcing you (at gunpoint, I bet) to flip that light switch? Have they also cut off your hand and put it on the thermostat in some dastardly scheme to keep your house warm this winter?

    Oh NO!! Please tell me they haven’t glued your foot to the accelerator of (gasp!) an automobile?

    And in return for freeing you from your horrible predicament—can I get you to agree that man is destroying the earth through global warm (or global cooling—take your pick :).

    And can I get you to say “The polar bear/monarch butterfly/ —…huh…what am I talking about? OF COURSE YOU WILL…lol For a free toaster you’d also say that “drilling for oil here in America won’t help—are disappearing from the planet! And the only way to stop this is to….GIVE ME FREE MEDICAL CARE!!!)

    Oh man…lol…donuts to dollars THIS post doesn’t clear the ol’ screening. Might as well stop now.

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    dhunley, you have left out the War on Christmas (global warming/global cooling).

    Not surprising , since you ignore the results of the Dover, PA case.

    Re: Obama/giveaway

    You also ignore the fact that Sen. McCain, who you supported, was going to give us all $5,000 to buy health insurance.


  • Wondering how stupid the world is

    @ Ron O’Connor
    If the Republican’s as you say and the rest of eastern ky is living in homes that are passed down I beleave that would be something that would make most familys proud at least its not like the otheir big spenders that don’t have the sense to hang onto whats been passed down.

  • Ron O’Connor

    I believe you took me out of context there just a little, What I meant was, Those who don’t, are haven’t had to make a loan payment for their home or property ( silver spoon fed) Haven’t had to deal with this like others have and it makes a big difference and thats were I was going with the ( republican theme)

  • dhunley

    Ron…I apologize. I think I did misunderstand your post. I thought it was another one of the “big bad oil company” posts. I will try to be more careful. Again, I’m sorry.

  • dhunley

    You didn’t even understand my “fairy tale” analogy, TGINDH? Why am I not surprised? I don’t know how to say it any plainer; you cannot say evolution is true just because you can say intelligent design isn’t. I’m not posting about ID. I’m asking YOU and anyone else on here to show me evidence of evolution.

    Of course…lol…I don’t expect YOU to be able to; you can’t seem to grasp the simplest of concepts. But I was hoping Sunny or Dave or some else might have been able to figure out something that even the leading lights of biology, genetics, or “evolution” hasn’t been able to do—and that is provide ONE SINGLE PIECE of solid evidence to support evolution.

    Just think, they’d be rich and famous! The world would beat a path to their door! They’d go down in the history books!

    But as it stands right now, the theory of evolution cannot be falsified, cannot be used to predict anything, cannot be observed, and cannot be tested. So…tell me again, how is the theory of evolution “scientific”?

    And, TGINDH, you make the same child-like argument about Obama’s. Please…try to follow along—I can’t type any slower and there are only so many one syllable words a person can use.

    Just because McCain offered $5,000.00 (actually, I think it was some kind of tax credit savings account, but don’t know for sure) doesn’t mean people didn’t vote for Obama because he promised MORE.

    Look…TGINDH, whether you’re smart or not, I don’t know—you sure haven’t exhibited any evidence to support that notion—but you’re obviously willing to twist things around to support what you want.

    I’m saying most people can see through your nonsense if they wanted to…but the Obama supporters choose to ignore the inanity of you and your kind in exchange for the freebies that Obama offered.

    I’m telling you any gain they might receive will be short term, and in the long run will hurt them far more than it will help them.

    But you don’t care about that—because you don’t really care about people.

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    dhunley, no matter how slow, or how fast, or how much you type, you have still hitched your wagon to the junk science crowd re: Evolution. As long as you refuse to acknowledge the outcome of the Dover case, you will remain a legend in your own mind.

    I suggest you move to a large city and set up your soap box in front of the Main Library, that would increase your audience. BTW, how are your buddies at ArchAngel getting along? Shot up any Koran’s lately?

  • dhunley

    TGINDH, changing the subject is your only hope…I understand that. Typical modern liberal.

  • dhunley

    To my friend out there (the one who wanted me to continue). Why should I? Do you think it will do any good? Have we made any progress? Not that I can tell.

    Yes, Sunny did admit he/she had nothing more to go on than his/her opinion—but did he/she change his/her mind? His/her actions? No.

    And most people already know it isn’t “right” for a government to treat it’s citizens differently—taxing some more than others, granting them special privileges—but they’ll vote for Obama anyway because they think he’ll give them some freebies.

    And most people already know that his ideology will be damaging to this country; but again, they’ll willing to go along with it in exchange for a few pennies a month.

    Also, most people know that a group of people who think it is alright to kill our children; who think there are too many of them; who won’t support the constitution and openly mock God cannot have their best interest at heart—yet they voted for one any way.

    So I ask you…what is the point in continuing?

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    Holy Batman, where is the fainting couch? I’ve just be called a “modern liberal”!

  • sunnyborderblue

    dhunley –

    i didn’t think you were on here to change minds.

    typical old republican/conservative argument – democrats are all socialists with an agenda towards expanding government. give me a break – it seems like the role of government has grown tremendously under george bush’s direction. heck, so much so that we’re installing it in other countries.

    doling out those little checks the last couple of years hasn’t seemed to ease peoples financial stress too much. bush’s plan was to give the rich a break, the old trickle down economics approach, and it doesn’t look like it has worked as far as i can tell.

    again, as i stated before, i don’t know if the dems can do any better but i do think a different strategy is crucial if we are going to come out of this economic mess we’re in right now. i don’t like the doom and gloom attitude but the fact remains that people are struggling (often due to their own actions) but something has to give. i just don’t see how you can blame where we are now on the democrats.

    by the way, how do you feel about bailing out the auto industry?

  • Ron O’Connor

    I’m gonna just throw this out here and see what kind of response it gets, Does anybody out there think that there might be a area in morgan co. that could be voted wet, So I could get a cold beer here at home, Instead of Magoffin,Rowan,Wolf counties.

  • mountain man

    RON is it just me or did you get a answer to your question. The people in Morgan would rather go to Morehead and spend their money on beer so they won’t be seen,they think not anyway. What people don’t know is when they go there to buy beer they also buy everything else they need. Like gas ,groceries, clothes, auto parts, tires, sporting goods and they also eat out while they are there. So does it hurt our economy only a fool would not know that. But who cares about Morgans economy not the ones that has it all. So we may as well not try to improve they will knock us down anyway. Sleep well my friend. MM Dem.

  • admin

    I don’t think anyone did respond to Ron’s comment, but I have to agree with both of you…it is really high time that we at least consider making the county, or at least parts of it, wet. Hazel Green/Campton, Salyersville, and Morehead are definitely reaping the rewards of any Morgan Countians who thirst for a drink once in a while.

    Keeping it out of the county doesn’t keep people from getting it…it just forces them to get it somewhere else.