• sunnyborderblue

    two words: term limits

  • New Independent

    Sunny, how about we make it even simpler? One word:


    Why does every liberal solution involve the curtailment of individual liberties?

    Why should the good folks in California and Nevada be denied their choice of Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi? Does the fact that you might disagree with their policies warrant denying the citizens of New York, Detroit or New Orleans their choice of representation?

    And what “progress” is being trumped? We’ve went from 6% to 9.6% unemployment. You trying for an even 10%?

    We’ve went from 47 million uninsured to 50 million uninsured. You can thank/blame Obama for lack of progress in that direction cause there’d be millions more uninsured if he hadn’t exempted over 200 organizations (including his union supporters) from his health care plan.

    The gap between rich and poor has widened, the number of people in poverty has increased, the average household wealth has decreased.

    Is this the “progress” you say is being trumped?