Who SHOULD you vote for in 2008?

These are a couple of polls you can take. They ask you some questions and then list the candidates who most closely align with your answers. Kind of fun!

This one is only 11 questions

This one is a bit longer


When you finish, maybe leave a comment as to who you were actually supporting vs. who the polls suggested for you. You can use a fake name…nobody will ever know. 🙂

I THOUGHT I was for John Edwards, but my answers on the first one gave me a 3-way tie between Clinton, Obama, and Dodd. The 2nd one said I should vote for Bill Richardson, with Dennis Kucinich 2nd.

  • http://www.naahidontthinkso.info TechKnomen

    Well if i did not have to sware under penality of perjury that I wus a RES-ident of KY (inc?) what ever that is(and not a Citizen of the land called Kentucky) I could vote for the constitutionalist Ron Paul but well, there it is…

  • R.Howard

    Always thought I was a Democrat,but guess I’m a Republican with Mitt Romney as my hero….

  • http://www.rowanreview.com/author/nighthawk/ nighthawk

    I’m voting whether they count my paper “provisional ballot” or not.
    I have to side with TechKnomen about Ron Paul being the better choice.

    Now the way I understand this, and I could be wrong, but I understand that you don’t have to be registered to vote in a presidential election, but this may only apply to the general election.

    If your not registered (and again this is only the way I understand the provision) You can vote by casting a paper (provisional) ballot. No ID, no problem, you just need two or three people who can identify you.
    The question is whether or not they will count your vote, but it’d be worth looking into if you want to vote for president.

    Now I haven’t seen the provisional ballot yet, and it might have under penalty of perjury, and/or resident stamped all over it, but it’s worth asking for and looking at. You don’t have to vote if it has those words all over it. But regardless, I will see one in a couple of months, or in November if provisional ballots aren’t allowed in primaries.

    You will have to show up at the right precinct to vote provisional ballot, so it would be good to find out where your precinct is located and its number and name before the election.

    A Lot of you will think I’m some kind of nut, but I don’t think you should have to swear an oath before being allowed to exercise your right to vote in a free country.

    Voting is a right, not a privilege, even though the powers that be would rather you think otherwise.

  • Huck’08

    I’ve taken part in several polls, and several other polls that seemed a little better than these two, but all of them have one thing in common…They say Mike Huckabee should get my vote. He’s a top match with everything I believe in…The funny thing is…Most so called “democrats” around here also agree with most everything I believe in…Which are strong republican beliefs….I just don’t understand why everyone around here calls themselves democrats and will only vote for a democrat when they strongly disagree with things like same-sex marriages, gun control, higher taxes, abortion, etc, which are all supported by the democratic party. I just hope everyone always thinks about who and what they are voting for instead of just voting for a party because their friends and family members told them they had to.

  • loaded man

    Well this democrat dosent think same-sex marriages is a something I should be worried about all that much. Mostly its a scare tactic the republican use to get out the vote and make you look away from the way they are messing over the poor and middle class. I mean come on do we here in Morgan co have a big rush of gays to the court house to get married or do we have bigger flsh to fry. The Gays are coming the gays are coming how sad.
    And I dont hear any democratic canadates that are for same-sex marriages. At least not the front runners. Gun Control well are any democarts saying they are going to come in your home and grab your turkey gun, I dont think so just another scare tactic. I mean did you really forget to buy your gun for the deer hunt that you dont have 3 days to wait on it. Do you want the crazy kid thats off in the head and stalking you daughter to be able to buy a gun with no questions asked. I bet if some crazy was to buy a gun in the morning and kill one of your family that evening you would be mad as hell. High taxes well I would like to know when we plan on paying this hugh and I mean hugh debt that GW has run up. I dont thing the democrats want thier taxes any higher. But how do you fight a war spent billons and billons and cut taxes. And remeber that we had a surplus just a few years ago. The gas companys seem to like the tax cuts with thier record profits. Well one thing about if you dont have a job you sure dont have to worry about taxes do you. Hell give us all good paying jobs and Ill pay more taxes. Na just let my kids pay off the debt. Has anyone looked at the debt lately. Abortion well im not going there I think the men should have the say on that dont you. I am so sick of hearing that the democratic party doesnt have any familiy values. The repubilcans dont care about your family they care about thiers. The repubilcan party has had the White House for 7 years the governor well he sure left us in fine mess. And the morgan co judge ex is repubilcan, and everywhere you go in Morgan co everyone says boy it sure is slow times . Its not hard to find a backhoe for sale right now. So I think ill just keep my democratic values because I dont think we can stand any more repubican values.

  • http://rowanreview.com Dhunley

    Well Loaded…if you were serious, I’d be happy to discuss any of these issues. If there is any chance of having a logical, rational, adult discussion about these topics, I’d be DELIGHTED to discuss’em.

    However—since I’ve been down this road soooooo many times with people who said the things you’ve said—-you’ll forgive my skepticism regarding this matter. If you’re willing to honestly discuss this “hugh and I mean hugh” debt, or the “gays are coming, the gays are coming”…or any other topic of your choice…then I’m ready.

    What I suspect, though, is that you’re just another so-called democrat with an agenda and nothing I’ll ever be able to say will make one iota of difference to you…and that, I don’t have time for.

    Please prove me wrong.

  • http://rowanreview.com Dhunley

    Huck ’08…LOL…I wonder the exact same thing. I have found that most people around here who are democrats have the same beliefs as the current republican party—yet they are democrats out of loyalty towards a once great party.

    They’re working people…who don’t have enough time or the interest in politics to realize that their beloved party has been taken over by Marxists, socialists, and other people who simply want to control our lives.

  • *****

    I think we should support gay rights and abortion….

    Then, before you know it, there wouldn’t be a democratic party.

  • http://www.rowanreview.com/author/nighthawk/ nighthawk

    It’s a uniparty system. This is what most people doesn’t understand.
    The candidates getting the MOST publicity from the media are promoting the same socialist agendas. It doesn’t matter what political party affiliation they pretend to subscribe to, they are out to strip us of what little freedoms we have left.

    Take a real serious look at the little guys who aren’t getting the Media Spotlight before you vote.

    Heck, just look at the poll on the front page of this site.

    There is a 3rd “UNIPARTY” in disguise as both Democrat and Republicans, and those “UNIPARTY” candidates are seeking total control.

  • admin


    i really like the things you have to say…me and dhunley go around and around, and i fear that it obscures the real message that needs to be heard by everyone.

    could you talk a little bit more about this uniparty, and which candidates you feel are (and are not) a part of the problem?

    also, given what we have to work with, do you feel like we are “better off” going one way vs another?

    i think folks would be interested in hearing more from you about these issues.

  • http://www.rowanreview.com/author/nighthawk/ nighthawk

    Now that’s a tough assignment… It’s taken me a lifetime to learn what little I know about this “UNIPARTY”, but I’ll try and sum it up the best I can without taking up megs of server space.

    Let’s say for example that a group of people wanted to take over Morgan County, and that You, Dhunley, and I was a part of that group…

    It’s getting close to election time, and the group wants to insure that they get someone in this group into a political office to help them take over Total Control of Morgan County…

    Now let’s say (for example) that You, Dhunley and I, being members of that group, are well known and very popular people, are selected to run for the office of Judge/Executive (for example)…

    The group will put You and I up to run as democrat candidates, and Dhunley to run as a republican in the primaries.

    Now let’s say (again as an example) that several banks, the local media, and some other folks happen to hold interests in this group who wants to take over the county…

    I hope everyone is following alright, because it’s hard to put a lifetime of learning into a post.

    So the candidates for Judge/Executive are:

    You (Democrat) – (just for the sake of example)
    Me (Democrat) – (just for the sake of example)
    Dhunley (Republican) – (just for the sake of example)
    Techknomen (Republican) – (just for the sake of example)

    While You, Dhunley, and I are running under recognized parties, we are actually members of the “UNIPARTY” who want to take over the county.

    Techknomen is the only candidate who isn’t a member of the “UNIPARTY”. He supports the constitution, and will uphold the peoples rights equally and be unbiased about it.

    Well guess which 3 candidates are going to get the media spotlight, and which one isn’t.

    You got it…

    Techknomen will get very little media attention, simply because he wants to do what is right.

    The other 3, You, Dhunley and I, will have cameras and microphones in our faces every time we step out the front door of our home.

    Now I know that this was a very generalized example, and that (or at least I hope) that all four of us would bend over backwards to support the constitution… but it’s the most simple way I can find to explain this “UNIPARTY” system to people.

    Sorry about pulling you into this TechKnomen, I don’t think you support any particular party, I think you support the best candidate for the job.
    But maybe, just maybe… Maybe you can help explain this a little better then I have attempted to.

    You can look at the poll on the front page and tell who I will not vote for (Hillary).
    I am going to vote for one of the 1 vote candidates.
    I was the one who voted Ron Paul on the front page poll, and in reality if I were one of the voters in the example I gave above, my choice candidate would be Techknomen.

    Not that I expect everyone to understand the example I gave above, but… Could you imagine how powerful a group would become (or stay) if they get one of their candidates elected as President?

  • http://www.rowanreview.com/author/nighthawk/ nighthawk

    Just have a look at this http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/story?id=4192372&page=1
    while your thinking over the little example that I gave above.
    You might also want to consider what you see here http://www.drudgereport.com/

  • http://rowanreview.com/author/nighthawk nighthawk

    Here comes the Boogeyman to try and stop the election!

    Oh! I’m so scared… NOT!
    Actually I suspected that a reason for the elections to be suspended was in the works.


    It’s clear to me that the Clintons aren’t going to get the vote, and that Gouliani the gangster isn’t going to get it… and they are afraid that Ron Paul will run 3rd party if he’s cheated out of the primary nomination… So send in the Boogeyman Tim Osman so Martial Law can be declared, thus suspending the election altogether!

  • http://www.nahhidontthinkso.info TechKnoman

    some of this was right I hope it is not all correct?
    Man do all folks in the boonies hve this much trouble with
    dialup speeding up and slowing down it is hard to type.