Well, one less candidate now…

The New York Times is reporting that Governor Bill Richardson, Democrat, has dropped out of the presidential race.

If you read the article, you’d think that John Edwards must have dropped out, too, because when they talk about the Democratic candidate who could benefit most from Richardson’s departure, they only mention Obama and Clinton.

It is amazing to me how the mainstream media WANTS either Obama or Clinton to win the Democratic nomination. They have completely ignored John Edwards, even though he placed 2nd in the Iowa caucus.

I hate to go out on a conspiracy limb here…(ok…i don’t really mind it so much)…but could it be that the media is trying to push a Democrat for the general election that they feel has the least chance of beating whatever reject the Republicans put into the election in November?

it sure is starting to look that way.


  • http://www.rowanreview.com/author/nighthawk/ nighthawk

    This is the way they do things now Dave.
    The media will push the uniparty candidates who will support or make the best puppet for the uniparty’s corrupt plan to strip us of the rest of our freedoms.

    The uniparty has infiltrated all of the political parties now, so if it’s democrat, republican, or what ever party… there will be a uniparty candidate in that party running for office.

    These unipartians are easy to spot, just watch who the media focuses the limelight upon.

  • http://www.rowanreview.com/author/nighthawk/ nighthawk

    See what I mean Dave? Look at the poll this morning. 4 voting to put the Clintons back into the whitehouse.
    O heck, just look at who the media is giving the the most time and compare to the poll.

    Maybe it would be a good time to put up that illustration of Sheople, but I don’t think this is the proper place.

  • http://www.rowanreview.com/author/nighthawk/ nighthawk

    make that 8… I meant to say she’s 4 in the lead.