More Media Bias…

Anyone who thinks the media isn’t trying to influence the election and help pave the way for who the eventual candidates will be is just not living in reality.

John Edwards placed 2nd in Iowa, but got absolutely NO coverage heading into New Hampshire.  Dennis Kucinich wasn’t even allowed to the debate table in Nevada.

And after yesterday’s caucus in Nevada, here is the headline went with this morning:

“McCain, Clinton, Romney claim victories” – see for yourself right here.

There’s only 1 problem with that headline.  Even though Clinton technically won in Nevada, Obama got MORE delegates, because of the areas that he won.  Obama got 13 delegates, to Clinton’s 12.  It is mentioned in the article, but most people will see the headline and just keep on going.

Never have I seen a more concerted effort by the media to influence our choices than this year…and it is unsettling.

Ron Paul came in SECOND in Nevada, but where are THOSE headlines?  That is a HUGE victory for him and his campaign, but all the media can talk about is McCain’s win in South Carolina, and how every year since 1980, the winner in the South Carolina primary has gone on to eventually be that party’s candidate.

If the general election ends up being anyone other than Clinton vs. McCain at this point, I will be highly surprised…as will the national media.

  • Caldera

    Yes, this is what the MSM does and has always done, but it is becoming painfully apparent, almost to the point of being comical, how they manipulate opinion and truth. It is time to speak out and begin telling every citizen the truth about what is being done to America.

  • TechKnoman

    Well the elections are messed with in a lot o ways;
    consider how many candidates are long withdrawn
    and still were on the ballot, demopub or republicrat,

    Ron Paul should have recieved alot more votes if it was just him and McInsane on
    the ballot, same for Hilbillery and Usama Hussain with Edwards still drawing votes
    even after his endorsment of Baroke Brama.

  • nighthawk

    I agree TechKnoman,
    If they have dropped out or conceded, then their names shouldn’t have been on the ballot.
    And Yes, Dr. Paul would have received many more votes if it weren’t for the candidates who have already given up being listed on the ballot.
    But isn’t this the same tactical diversion used in all elections, from local on up to federal?
    Locally we have called it the vote split… and for those who might be unaware, it is a tactic used when “the chosen one” is in danger of loosing the primary.
    The trick to it is to throw in a whole bunch of others to run in the same parties primary and draw voters away from the candidate who would obviously be the most likely to defeat “the chosen one”.
    They like to use real popular people whom are liked by many as decoy candidates.

  • Kat

    Testing, Testing, kat on the prowl.