TechKnow: New phones headed our way?

That's a nice phone you got there, Bluegrass Cellular.

A recent announcement by regional carrier Bluegrass Cellular says that they will be carrying the Motorola Milestone X soon.  No word yet on when it will hit the shelves, but some of the stories seem to indicate that a February release could be likely.

The Milestone X is basically the same phone as the Droid X offered by national carrier Verizon.  However, do to trademark issues, the phones have to be re-branded when carried by regional carries such as Bluegrass Cellular or our main carrier, Appalachian Wireless.

The Milestone X looks pretty slick…4.3 inch display, 1Ghz processor, 8Megapixel camera, and 720p HD video recording.  It runs on the Android operating system, and though it seems like Bluegrass Cellular is indicating the phone will be running the Eclair version of Android, I would imagine that Froyo will be available fairly soon, as it has been available on the Droid X for a while now.

Not sure what the price will be, but I suspect there will be some sort of promotional deals when it launches.

Some of the talk on the Appalachian Wireless Facebook site seems to suggest that they, too, will be getting their hands on the Milestone X at some point in the future, which makes sense, considering many of the regional carriers tend to get access to the same phones around the same time, should they choose to carry them.  The HTC Desire and Motorola Milestone are the 2 most powerful Android phones they carry right now, so adding the Milestone X would be a big boost to the variety of phones they carry.

In general, Verizon has tried to make available the phones that they carry to the regional carriers after a six-month period of exclusivity, most of the time with a name change to the actual phone (the HTC Desire is pretty much the same as the Droid Incredible).  With the announcement that Verizon will be carrying the iPhone, some Appalachian Wireless customers have taken to the company’s Facebook wall to inquire whether they might be getting the iPhone at some point, or whether the Verizon version will work on the Appalachian Wireless network.

The general consensus from Appalachian Wireless has been that they have not received any word from Apple that they might be getting the iPhone in the future, but that it could still happen.  For folks who decide to jump ship to Verizon and pick up an iPhone, the reps from Appalachian Wireless have indicated that they’d be able to use it in their coverage area, but that 3G speeds would not be available.

For their part, Verizon seems to have sort of backed down on their promise to help the rural carriers get Verizon exclusive phones after 6 months, when it comes to the iPhone.  They have stated that since they do not have an exclusive deal on the iPhone, they do not plan to hold to the same agreement as they do on the exclusive handsets.  That kind of stinks for those of us who would like to have an iPhone but would also prefer to hang on to the Appalachian Wireless network.

Will there be a mass exodus of Appalachian customers headed to Verizon when the iPhone becomes available later this month?  Or maybe this summer, when the iPhone 5 is likely to be unveiled?

What about YOU?  What are YOUR phone plans??

  • Jennywarts

    GOD I wish they would just sell out and let the residents of the area have something they want.  Sorry family but bow out and go away.  No wonder Kentucky gets made fun of these days.

  • Jennywarts

    I’m ready to pay my fee and jump ship from this carrier $150 per line.  Actually when people start demanding no contract and using those services ie NET 10 boost etc we might see better everything but as long as everyone is a sheep then we deal with the crap.