• http://rowanreview.com/author/nighthawk nighthawk

    No more Smashburgers? Again!
    D@mN! I hungered years for one after the old Dairy Cheer in Morehead went out of business, and now they are shutting down the only other one that I know of.

    I know it’s not the same beef as it was 30 years ago, but I make a special trip to West Liberty at least once a month to go to the Dairy Cheer.

    I feed five and drive a big V8, so figure my total cost each trip I make to West Liberty.
    And it’s worth it to me, just for the sentiment of actually going to the Dairy Cheer again.

  • http://www.naaahidontthinkso.info TechKnomen

    Well, way back when alot of these places probably used better ingrediants and likely no MSG junk, soy protien isolate (another estrogen mimic/indocrine disrupter)
    The cooruption and greed/push the stock price up by layoffs mentality has ruined
    so much for us. I am for free enterprise, but this corpo wall street/D.C. driven cronie
    crapitolism we live with today is just not healthy or patriotic in my view, humble or not.

    “Now all resteraunts are taco bell”
    a favorite line from “Demolition Man” with a
    version of rambo-stallone.

  • kyfan

    Someone very close to me worked there up to the day they closed.The big downfall of the dairy cheer was unpaid taxes,and equipment tearing up and not being fixed.Someone from Campton was supposed to buy it,but upon showing them around the restaurant alot of maintenance.As of right now no word as to the reopenig date.I will keep you informed.

  • admin

    kyfan, i really appreciate the update.

    i had heard, and sort of assumed, that it might be related to the taxes issue that had been showing up in the paper over the past few months.

    i hate to see it go. hopefully it will reopen as SOME sort of restaurant.

    man, if we were to end up getting a Dixie Freeze over here, like the one from Campton, my wife would be ECSTATIC…and i’d be pretty happy, myself. 🙂

    would still like to see the DC make a comeback, though. i really liked their breakfast, and their onion rings were excellent.

  • Mark

    Isn’t the one in Prestonsburg still open? I haven’t been there in a while though, but I used to go all the time. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t get any more Smashburgers and onion rings.

  • Seth

    I know this is old, but in case anyone is still looking — yes, the Dairy Cheer in Prestonsburg is still open. As are both in Pikeville.

  • ray knott

    The mushrooms and onion rings are sooo good. In lucky to live between prestonsburg and pikeville.

  • Ben from Prestonsburg

    The Dairy Cheer in Prestonsburg is still open and very active, as are both locations in Pikeville.  Its probably a bit more of a drive, but if you’re ever in the area, you can still get a Smashburger and Onion Rings… amazing!! (The loaded tater skins aren’t bad either)