What’s goin’ on around town?

I figured I might just throw it open to you all, and let you tell ME what’s happening right now.

I’m still curious about the Dairy Cheer situation and what may happen in that building.

And what about the new IGA? Is that still on schedule? Is it going to happen?

Anything exciting you’d like to talk about?

Let’s open it up and talk about it!!

  • nighthawk

    Hopefully the IGA is going to happen.
    Will save me a drive to Carter County.

  • mountain man

    We need to keep electing politicians that wants to tax everything and I’am sure our economy will keep improving. The way to attract business is to tell them if you locate here we will tax the life out of you. Wake up Morgan Co. and stop electing these people who are more worried about their bottom line instead of the counties .

  • lavodies henry

    Morgan Chevrolet along with Morgan county baseball league along with Donnie McKenzie are selling raffle chances for $5.00 each for the chance to win a 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe, to be given away by GENERALMOTORS, chevrolet division. After you have purchased your raffle ticket from any of these members, you may bring it by Morgan Chevrolet and receive a second change ticket,FREE. 100% of all monies collected from this raffle drawing will be given to the MORGAN County Youth Baseball . Lets all get behind our youth and support this endeavor. Raffle tickets will be sold until May 27,2008 and the drawing will be June 10,2008 at the Chevrolet Youth Baseball Sweepstakes. Flowery Branch .GA.

    Thank you in advance for your support and help during this county wide endeavor. LaVodies Henry , president MORGAN CHEVROLETGMC>INC

  • admin

    I will post a prominent story about this on the front page and keep it up there for a while, so that folks can check it out.

    That sounds like a very worthy cause.

  • lavodies henry

    admin, ty lavodies

  • nighthawk

    Well said mountain man!
    Companies are looking for counties that will give them tax-breaks and other incentives.
    With the current price of automobile fuel, I don’t see how anyone is coming out any better driving to Mt.Sterling or Winchester, etc… Then they would working at the local sawmill or lumber yard.
    It’s time to quit voting for people just because they have a neat haircut, fancy suit, or pat you on the back—-or simply because you just like them.
    It’s time to start electing people with good ideas that will help improve your industry and economy.

  • keith

    thank you lavodies henry , and morgan chev. for doing this for our young people, you are so nice and you have been and will be our chev, dealer , you are the only home town new car dealer here in the county, and you are the best , and you have always been good to morgan county people , and good to all morgan county families, thanks again

  • mountain man

    Well I guess good old judge conley can get back on his high horse . Got him a brand new bag of fresh tax money . We hope this will last as long as his 1.3 million did the first go around . With the cheap gas and new taxes we are really making headway here in this county . You all might think this will blow over before the next election, but when folks get their measley little pay checks it will be a reminder every week or two . Those of you who are senior citizens will feel the effect when you pay your insurance . We probably won’t even notice all this with all the new jobs our great judge has brought to the county . Lets see I think they are twenty not counting all the family and supporters on the county payroll . When is the new Tahoe coming , be sure to get a color that will blend in and don’t have a county goverment sign on the side that would not look good in some times and places . Thank you your Honor for taking us down another notch . Oh one more thing ,when are you starting the new parking garage at commercial bank our criminals don’t have enough parking, Pardon Me . Good day all see you at Morehead . Big brand new Super Wal Mart , Lowes , Kroger , China Star , Reo’s and the new section of road should be done soon that will save us a little time and gas .

  • mountain man

    Dave , you need to advertise your site in Deweys paper , a lot of people don’t know about it .This is about the only place that will print our true feelings . Thank you for your hard work and giving us a place to express . Kinner is one sided . Mountain Man



  • loaded man

    What about that Morehead! If we cared as much about the future as we do the past maybe we wouldnt have to go to lexington or some other far away place to see our kids. No jobs here.

  • mountain man

    The fiscal court meeting is at 8:oo’clock monday morning . Why so early , they are going to levy a tax . While you work and sleep. The Judge said in the paper it’s all the past administrations fault .I thought, he is the past administration . He also said the money barrowed for blacktop and bridges was not secured , where do you barrow money with no security . There was a 1.3 million surplus when he stepped in , sounds like pretty good security to me . But he also said on the raido before the last election that the county was in great shape with 750,000 in the bank . Like the rest of us ,live as you can , not above your means . So just look around and tell me how much better off we are now than when he started .

  • Night Shift

    <p>i agree with the tax situation Mountain man. The only thing we have here in Morgan is the Prison. So many politics involved there in just getting a job it is terrible. The judge has (illegally) placed people in positions there (against the merit system) and those people lacking what it takes to hold those positions, that it is becoming a less desireable place to work. Thanks again judge.</p>

  • admin

    folks, i do appreciate the appreciation.

    i wish i was more on the ball about keeping things fresh and up to date on here, but sadly, i just am tied up with several other things at the moment that are keeping me from being here regularly.

    that being said, i just want to remind everyone that even though this is an open forum to discuss whatever is on our minds, we still always need to be mindful of what is being said.

    being anonymous gives some folks the feeling that they can post whatever they’d like without having to be accountable for it, and i just want to be sure that everyone avoids that here.

    if you know something for a fact, and you feel like sharing it, then lay it on us.

    however, just always be careful about stating something as a fact, when you don’t have first-hand knowledge of it. just because someone told you something, it doesn’t make it true.

    if it isn’t first-hand knowledge, always indicate that by adding a disclaimer…something like “allegedly”, or “supposedly”…or “i have heard…”

  • admin

    i also wanted to touch on another item…

    it is my intention with this site to give YOU, the people, a place to make your voices heard, and i’ll always do that to the best of my ability.

    i just want to be clear that i’ve never intended for this site to be any sort of competition with the Courier. even though we do report news items from time to time, a large part of our content is opinion and editorial type stuff, which is always the way it was intended to be.

    i respect our paper and the man who runs it quite a bit. we may not always agree on some of the local issues around here, but i’ll tell you what…Earl is never afraid to let you know what he thinks, and i admire that quite a bit.

    to me, it isn’t about being Democrat or Republican…Left or Right…Liberal or Conservative. it is much more about being good people and standing up for what you believe and being willing to support that.

    it is hard on sensitive issues like politics to not let emotions interfere, and i only wish i was better at it. too many times i get wrapped up in an issue and the emotion just takes over…but i’m learning. ๐Ÿ™‚

    i can only hope that this site will continue to grow and flourish, and i hope that we can be even half as successful at delivering our views to the people of Morgan County as the Courier has been for all these years.

  • mountain man

    Now I here a fire tax is coming . Won’t that be great . Conley can consolidate all our volunteer fire departments then appoint one of the family chief and all is well . Why don’t we just give the whole county to them and change the name to conley county . Sleep well !

  • the future of morgan county

    I know its been a while, since any comments were left here, but I am somewhat ashamed of mountain man’s posts. I know who you are, and was once a supporter of you as well, in fact I voted for you….but it won’t happen again. It is comments like yours that tear a county and a community apart. Why is it that no one wants to act mature in these simple town politics? I have never heard Judge Conley say an ill word about you….and I have seen him at a lot of community functions. And about the suit….it is my belief and the belief of many that someone holding public office should dress in a manner that is “unoffensive”, such as wearing shirts with the sleeves cut off and doo-rags. Maybe investors that may have been interested in Morgan County saw some of our county officials dressed in this manner and said to themselves “we cannot move a business here, what would our customers think.” Ignorance, selfishness and immaturity are getting us nowhere. We should all come together as a community, not split ourselves into republican or democratic stupidity….after all, we are all Morgan Countians. I am proud of that. What kind of message are we sending to our children if we cannot get along with other people…especially people who hold public office? I want my daughter to see the good in everyone, not rush to judge someone publicly to make herself look better.

  • admin

    future of morgan county…

    since this site allows folks to post anonymously or to at least just give SOME name and SOME email address, it can never be certain that anyone knows who anyone else is. i don’t know who ANY of you are for sure (unless you’ve told me)…you may give an email address, but anyone can put down ANY email address, in an effort to hide their identity or to trick other readers.

    i’m not saying that this IS what is happening…i’m just making sure that everyone knows it is a possibility, so that no one jumps to any conclusions and ends up taking someone to task, when it isn’t even who they think it is.

    i will agree that it would be good to rise above partisan politics, but bad decisions and actions stand for themselves, no matter which side is making them and carrying them out.

    we ARE all Morgan Countians, and we want the best for our county…that is why we speak out with so much passion when any of us see things going on that we feel are detrimental to the county, no matter WHICH side you support.

  • nighthawk

    “We should all come together as a community, not split ourselves into republican or democratic stupidity”
    I agree with you on that sentiment Dave.
    However it should be observed that Mountain Man has done a fine job of describing stereotypical small town politics. He seems to echo exactly the same kind of political complaints and rationalization that I personally hear every single day from several of the neighboring and distant counties.
    In one county, not too long ago… well let’s just say within my lifespan, one family held a stronghold within an unnamed county of this state. And Mountain Man has painted the perfect picture of that unnamed county in which I speak of.
    In fact, he has painted the perfect picture of many unnamed counties from both past and present day.
    But truth be known; I do not know the inner working mechanisms of Morgan County politics first hand.
    The root of my family tree originates in the place that was once there but is now here, and I have many a family member and friends who live within Morgan County yet today.
    Formally, I have no vote in Morgan County politics, but yet it is my home land, even though there is now a line drawn upon the state’s map separating land upon which I live from Morgan County.
    I don’t know who Mountain Man is, and this is the way it should remain, but I agree with a lot of the things that he has written, although not everything that he has written.
    The people of Morgan County are just as good as anyone else no matter who they are or where they are from, and deserve the same exact employment opportunities if they seek such employment.

    Hang on, I’ll be right back… because what I am about to say is important.

  • nighthawk

    Sorry Dave and future of morgan countyโ€ฆ
    I failed to distinguish exactly who wrote what up above, perhaps I need to get fitted for a nice pair of spectacles.

    But I believe that at least the three of us may be in harmony with that quote;
    “We should all come together as a community, not split ourselves into republican or democratic stupidity”.

    And give me just a little while longer to proofread what I have written, because I’m about to say something that I feel is very important, not only to Morgan County… but to a lot of other counties as well.
    I just need to figure out a way to what needs to be said into words.

  • the future of morgan county

    It is true that many of the judge’s family members hold positions within the county, but I have been around long enough to remember that many of these family members were involved in these fields long before tim ever took office, and most of you know that as well. I of all people know what it is like to be discriminated against for not having a certain last name, like Frederick or Stacy….but I do not think this discrimination has taken place in the case of the Conleys. They are a close-nit family, this is true….but they are just as friendly to strangers that they pass on the street as they are to their own. I am not a member of their family, but they have always treated me like one. Maybe there are some things I have turned a blind eye to, just because of this fact, but I see no reason to speak of someone so disgustingly. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR….DO UNTO OTHERS….DIVIDED WE FALL….And where is the proof for all of these accusations? I have enough faith in our system to believe that if there were such wrong doings, it would have been brought to the table and out publicly….and I’m obviously not talking about the charges that have been dismissed…. because they were “dismissed”. I am not trying to offend anyone by what I say, I just feel strongly that people who speak so ill of someone in such a public manner should do so based on fact….and there are no facts to support these.

    Adding to this, I believe that there is a problem with lack of employment in our county. It is true that there are no high paying jobs here….but we have to be realistic….would you move to rural Iowa to be a high priced defense attorney? We choose our professions, which inevitably means we know that there are limitations to the locations of certain positions. The key is education….and we all know that….and not just a highschool education. Our young people have to understand the consequences of their actions….that not seeking further education will set them up for a life of disappointment, unless they are lucky. I of course am finding this out a few years too late myself. Knowing what to do with their lives upon graduating highschool is so important….I learned the hardway.

  • Superman1973

    Jobs are the motor, but education is the key…..”Brain drain” continues to rob Morgan and eastern KY of its most valuable asset….professionals. If you wish to live in Morgan County, there is a sacrifice that must be made and after a number of years it can become irreversible, BUT, what a way to go! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Superman1973

    Yesterday I filled up my tank at a local gas station in West Liberty which had the lowest price at the time…..unfortunately, my 17-20 gallon tank for the first time in its 6 year history, held 22 gallons for a grand total of $87….I grumbled and asked the teen behind the counter if the pumps were accurate and he assured me they were…..I left feeling so assured and cheated….what’s up with 22 gallons in a 17-20 gallon tank?

  • admin

    future of morgan county…
    i do see what you are saying, and again, i agree that we should always be sure we have all of the facts when we’re talking about ANY subject, especially local politics. feelings of anger or envy can creep up in any one of us, and it is always wise to separate that from the truth and the facts.

    that is why i thought it was sort of interesting that while defending the Conleys, on the one hand, you sort of went out of the way to mention being discriminated against, because you didn’t have the last name of Stacy or Frederick. i guess it wasn’t really that you were saying that they’ve had special treatment because of who they were, but in a way, you did, it seems.

    i only point this out to show you how easy it can be to take issue with something that is going on, but then, without maybe even noticing it, you end up doing almost the same thing. basically, when things hit close to home, we take issue with it, and it brings a lot of things to the surface.

    i have issues with the way the county has been run since Judge Conley has been in office, and i might think that we would have been better off with someone else in the position, but I also have praise for some of the actions he has taken.

    hell, i thought things would get a lot better under Beshear, but they are pretty daggone rough righ now. Still better than what we had, but not all sunshine and roses just yet.

    Anyway…what was my point? lol

  • admin

    that is very odd about the amount that went into the tank, considering what size tank you have.

    next time you fill up, i’d wait until you are at least as low as you were yesterday, and try out another station (even though it may be a little higher) and see what the results are.

    keep an eye on ’em out there!!

  • the future of morgan county

    The only reason I had brought up those names is due to past experiences….such as sports. In high school, it always seemed like the people with those last names were starters, and people like myself that didn’t live near town were left benched, even though it was our families that were traveling the length of the county to see their child play. And trust me, I do hate sounding like a victem of small town politics, but this is the way it was years ago. This is not the way it has been in recent years. I feel like the county has changed for the better regarding the involvement of our children. There are more things for them to choose from now than when I was younger. The only thing remotely fun for my generation was cruising town or going down to the swinging bridge…as unsafe as that may have been. I appreciate the work that has been put into our county to make things like the updating of the pool and the vast expansion of Old Mill Park possible. I just know that I had no idea who our Judge Exec even was before Tim Conley. And still to this day, I can’t tell you what he looks like. It is somewhat comforting to me to see our judge executive volunteer for things like Relay for Life and the Kiwanis club. It must not be mandatory for him to do these things because I sure never saw Sid Stewart at any of these kinds of functions. What we should have learned from past experience is this….we will never know what the future will hold. Even if I, myself was put into the position of Judge Exec, I could not tell you what kind of budget the county would have three or four years from now…especially in the kind of times we are living in now. Think back four years to the “Four More Years” campaign to re-elect Bush….did those supporters who chose to stick that bumper sticker on thier vehicles imagine the crisis that we would face today? I highly doubt it. Maybe Bush is doing the best he can…maybe not (and my opinion is not). But my point is that we can only speculate what will happen in the future an base our decisions on past experience, which does not always produce the best outcome. But in my own opinion, I believe that Judge Conley has done the best he could with the situations he has faced….and this is only my opinion. At least his heart is in the right place….and that place is the same as mine….IN THE FUTURE OF MORGAN COUNTY.

  • Superman1973

    Well, I have to eat some crow….I was so tweaked about the extra 5 or so gallons of gas that suddenly went into my tank that I visited West Liberty Ford yesterday and inquired as to the dimensions of one said bloated gas tank….turns out that a 2002 Explorer will hold 22.5 gallons (empty)….we’re talking ready to stop in the road empty. Apparently if I hadn’t stopped when I did, I had about 9 miles left until I would have been hoofing it. So I apologize to the anonymous West Liberty gas station that I snubbed….especially the teen behind the counter! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • MJ

    To the future of morgan county: You have made some of the best points I have probably EVER seen on this website.

  • http://morganchevrolet.com lavodies henry

    i want to say thanks for everyone who helped in anyway in supporting morgan county baseball youth. nearly 800.00 was raised for this cause along with several legions tickets and equipment as t shirts and baseball and etc. the raffle now had end. again donnie mckenzie is to be commended again for his help with our youth. again thanks we will try again next year lavodies henry