Here we go again!

Well, there’s still a bit of beating and banging going on, but I figured we’d gotten too complacent in not changing the look and layout of the site for a while, so BOOM…here ya go!

I really did like the last layout we had, but there were just a few issues that kept me from sticking with it. It was very flexible in what it would allow us to do, but I felt like the page could still be better. Sooooooo…..

Take a while to poke around and get familiar with everything. It isn’t that much different from what we had before, but i think it will be easier now to find things and to make sure all of the content gets noticed.

If you run in to any issues, please feel free to post them. I’m still tinkering around in the background, so strange things might happen from time to time, but it should all settle down pretty soon.

Welcome back. 🙂