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    “Now all resturants are Taco Bell”( Bullock’s Lenina Huxley from Demolition Man)

    Name the one menu item from them that has less than
    the usRDA of sodium?; . . . .

    Does that include voluntary industry disclosure of the amounts of
    MSG – Monosodiumglutimates

    Don’t worry it is all generally recognized as safe like vioxxx LOL?

    Seriously where can you eat out that says “we have no MSG”
    forget triing to find coleslaw that doesn’t taste like they poured syrup in it?
    There is so much salt and sugar added to our diet, people don’t
    know because they are conditioned to it.
    We do not need 4000milligrams of salt from a pimento cheese sandwich?
    It is possible to eat heathily it is just tiresome reading all the lables
    and webpages to find stuff not chocked full of junk that is to
    increase profit margin and reduce liability ( like
    hydrogenation and preservatives and
    irradiation and such)

    Kentucky’s obesity epidemic (and the US)
    has as much to do with how much you eat as it does what
    you eat and the excitotoxic flavor enhansers, salts and
    fats to increase sales.