The HumpDay Review – 9/5/2007

Well, the middle of the week is here, so it is time to look back on what we’ve seen over the past week and what we have to look forward to in the week ahead.


Tim Conley’s day in court has been postponed, perhaps forever.  Isn’t politics fun boys and girls?

The massive earth moving/leveling work continues on Prestonsburg Street.  Early word is that a new Dollar Store will be built there to replace the one that currently resides in the old County Office building. No word yet on whether they’ll leave that one standing, too, as 4 Dollar Stores in town may not be enough…but 5 would be just dandy.

Festival season has begun in the region…I can smell the sorghum in the air now!  I was getting concerned about it there for a while, as dry as it has been, but now it is all looking pretty good.  The arrival of festival season means that another season is underway as well….football season!


The Cougars took another thumping.  This could be a rough season, but there’s reason to be optimistic.  These things take a while, and patience is the key.  Speaking of patience…

It is starting to look like the decision to hire (and not fire) Rich Brooks as the UK Football coach is paying off.  Commonwealth Stadium was filled to near-capacity for Saturday’s whoopin’ of EKU, and over 50,000 season tickets have been sold for this year.  Damn that Mitch Barnhart!!

Tiger didn’t win, and people played tennis.


Larry Craig apologized….then said he wasn’t guilty…then resigned…then un-resigned…looks like sexual preference may not be the only thing he’s confused about.

Category 5 hurricane Felix came ashore in Central America.   Felix is responsible for at least 9 deaths, and it intensified to a category 5 storm faster than any storm ever on record.  If it had come through the Gulf of Mexico, I suspect we’d all be paying $5/gallon for gas today. (Attention Big Oil: another storm is building in the Atlantic right now that may hit near the Carolinas this weekend, and even though that is NOWHERE near your oil production units in the Gulf, it might be a good idea to abandon the drilling now, just in case, so that the gas companies can jack the prices up about 20 cents more for a few days.  OH!  wait…I see you’ve already done that.  THANKS!)

And today…it seems that the Air Force mistakenly flew six nuclear warheads from North Dakota to Louisiana last week, right above our heads.  The plane was supposed to simply carry the missiles, and not the warheads.  That is comforting.

See you soon!

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