MCHS on high alert…

Just got word this that Morgan County High School has a few extra folks around this morning in the form of police officers. a threatening note was found in a locker yesterday afternoon, and students were being searched this morning as they arrived at school.

the rumor is that the note, found in a locker occupied by 2 students, someone suggested the author of the note wants to “blow their f*ckin’ heads off”.

WKYT is covering the story, and we’ll keep you posted if we get any more information.

  • crystal

    You know I think its extremely sad about whats going on in the high school.
    My child is small and the thoughts of what it may be like when he gets there scares me to death.I hope they find whoever did this and I hope that they get severe punishment for it.This is not funny there are kids losing their lives everyday because of someones stupidity.I used to go toMogan County High and I never worried about this kind of thing there.I hope and pray that nothing happens to any of the kids there I think this whole this is horrible.

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  • Barbara Howard

    Have they ever found the writer of the note yet?

  • dave

    if i’m not mistaken, the paper indicated last week that it was the 2 girls who actually shared the locker where the note was “found” who actually wrote the note.

    someone may be able to confirm that, but i’m pretty sure that was the report.