Oprah has spoken…

well folks, whiz on the fire and call the dogs.  the 2008 presidential election is now over, before it even began.

i heard this morning that Oprah will be backing Obama in the election.  with her power, and her audience…the other candidates should be VERY afraid right now.  i’m not sure that there has ever been a time in history where someone outside of the whole political machine has had the power that Oprah now has to influence the outcome of this election.

Oprah is on TV EVERY day, she has a slot on XM radio, she has her own magazine…she is everywhere.  All of this coverage wouldn’t amount to squat if she didn’t have an audience that follows her and believes in her, but she does, and she has them in huge numbers.

Think about it…a presidential candidate will run ads on TV, but they really only have that 30 second slot to try and sell themselves to you.  In any given year, they can only run so many ads, so you are bound to see the same ads over and over again.

Oprah’s influence on this election cannot be underestimated.  This is the same woman who told all of her viewers to run out and buy the book “A Million Little Pieces”, by author James Frey…and they did.  And when she found out that the story was partially fabricated, she took him to task over it on her show and basically destroyed this man’s career.  Now, never mind the fact that was a STORY, and that stories often have embellishments or play a little loose with the fact…and just forget about how the book was seen as an inspiration by the millions who read it…all of that was simply tossed in the trash when Oprah had her hissy fit about it on her show.  She turned on the book and the author, and her viewers followed.  For the other candidates to doubt her power in this process would be a huge mistake.

So what happens when one of your biggest supporters turns out to be a figure in the media who is seen and loved by MILLIONS of people?  We’re about to find out.

  • http://www.nowebsightvisable.info Mthope

    So, Rupert Murdock,
    Mr. NYSE and Wall Street Journal, Faux News and Fox networks and 20th Centrury Fox and DIsh Network and… is now irrelivant compaired to the almight harpo productions? Ok I just miss that issue of Variety I guess?

    I think Dr. Oz would make a great Surgeon General,
    he has done a lot for my credibility when he starting
    saying all the same stuff about Hydrogenated oils,
    HFCS and MSG and Sodium Benzoate, that I
    have been harping on, label readingl for 15years.

    Of course people around me are tired of hearing about
    how they only believe it after it is on oprah?

  • http://rowanreview.com Dhunley

    Nawwwww…not gonna happen. Oh… I’m sure that any opposition to Obama will be portrayed as racism by the so-wrong-left—just as opposition to Hillary is portrayed as sexism.

    But I have faith that people are not quite ready to trade their freedoms in for the phony promises of people like Obama and Hillary.

    So…keep the dogs hunting, K? Maybe they’ll come up with a democratic candidate who actually believes in freedom. Until then, we’ll keep the fires burning.

  • http://www.nowebsightvisable.info Mthope

    Democrat that believes in freedom? that’s like a oxymoron
    jumbo-shrimp, pretty-ugly, military-intelligence
    and conservative republican LOL

  • MJ

    Didn’t Oprah endorse John Kerry in the last presidential election? That didn’t work out too well for her.

  • WildCatFan

    Still on the Republican bandwagon…I commend the loyalty. But, who really cares who she endorses anyway…any given Democrat in the running should beat any Republican in the running. So now the Republican buzzword is “freedom”? What happened to “morals”, “family values”, “homosexuals”, “religion”…oh wait, I know…they can’t hide behind them anymore to scare folks with since they don’t practice what they preach. I fear the Republicans view “freedom” a lot differently than I do…I feel less “free” now than ever before…we don’t have “freedom” to travel any more without “fear”…we don’t have “freedom” to talk openly on the phone anymore without “fear” of being listened to…and not to mention the ongoing war after war (attention diversions of course). Republicans stand for “freedom”…right!!! But in any case, I do commend you on standing behind your party…I think everyone should.

  • dave

    yeah…i can’t understand how anybody can stand behind the republicans right now, but it is a funny and strange world we live in…and at least we have the freedom (for now) to vote if we don’t like it…now, your vote might not get counted, or it might get counted for someone else…but at least you got the chance to step into a booth. 🙂

  • dave

    to MJ…Oprah may have supported John Kerry, but I don’t think she really put all of her efforts into getting behind him like it seems she’s going to do with Obama. She’s already thrown a big fund-raiser for him that generated over $3 million…I’d say he’s OK with her being in his corner, what do you think?

  • MJ

    Yeah, he’s probably okay with it… I know I’d be okay with it if Oprah raised $3 million for me. 🙂

  • http://rowanreview.com Dhunley

    So…it’s okay to lie, cheat, and steal…as long as you’re NOT against it, eh?

    Let me see if I can follow your logic, wildcatfan. It might be difficult because logic and modern liberalism are too often antonymic—but maybe I can follow it if I turn twist or turn logic upside down.

    Foley gets busted for inappropriate emails…and he’s GONE.

    Libby gets busted for lying…and he’s GONE.

    Craig may have acted inappropriately…and he’s raked over the coals.

    This is what happens when Republicans misbehave. We have these moral and ethical expectations and there are consequences when our elected officials fail to meet them.

    What does YOUR side do? When a so-called democratic Representative William Jefferson gets caught with $90,000 in their freezer…you guys re-elect him and then recommend him for a seat on the Small Business Committee.


    When a Congressman has been proven a liar for almost 30 years…what do you guys do? You actually nominate him for Presidency. John Kerry was a fraud, a known liar, had never accomplished anything on his own in his life…and you voted for him.

    When a so-called Democratic President admits to lying under oath…you STILL defend HIM.


    Any time you want to start compare the number of liars, cheats, thieves and hypocrites…the so-called democrats lose hands down.

    So…it seems as long as you don’t lay claim to believing in anything, then it’s alright to lie, cheat, and steal.

    And you exhibit typical modern logic in the rest of your statement.

    We have a program—a program that must meet legal requirements, I might add—that is designed to let us monitor phone calls to known terrorist supports—and you want to whine about it because you think someone might eavesdrop on your “sweet nothings” to the French?

    We have a program that might let us find out who is using our libraries to post terrorist writings (and possibly coordinate terrorist attacks)—and you want to turn yourself inside out because you think someone wants to control whether you read “Little Women” or not.

    It’s laughable. Can you name even ONE right you’ve lost as a result of the Bush presidency? Do you even know what the Patriot Act is? You’d think as strongly as you feel about things you could post some real meat—as I just did for you.

    You BETCHA, the buzz word is freedom. You guys want to tell us where to live, what to drive, what to drive, where to send our kids to school, to take our money and spend it for us to support social programs YOU want. Yes, the buzz word is FREEDOM…freedom from the type of logical you’ve just exhibited.

  • http://rowanreview.com Dhunley

    Wildcat, when you write rules for a playground or a society…are you expecting that those rules will never be broken?

    No! What you’re doing is identifying behaviors and actions that will bring about negative consequences if you behave or act that way.

    As I pointed out, quite adequately, in my “awaiting moderation” post, was that the Republicans did provide punishment for those individuals who failed to live up to our sense of morality—NOT that we expected everyone to be perfect.

    And the fact that we punished Libby, Foley, and Craig actually proves the point that we DO believe in those values and act upon them when they are broken.

    On the other hand, the democrats reward Representatives convicted of bribery with seats on Senate committees.

    You also challenged my belief in freedom…saying my idea of freedom differs from yours. It sure does. I believe people should be allowed to eat what they want…drive what they want…live where they want. Do you agree with these ideas?

    Let’s see if these comments require moderation, eh?

  • http://rowanreview.com dhunley

    Dave, with all due respect, I think we need more than your feelings about something before we adopt policies that have been a disaster wherever they’ve been tried.

    Dave, please notice something; at the heart of every single issue that the so-called democrats promote is a desire to control…a desire for power.

    Sure…sure…they may claim it’s “for the children”…or for the good of the “environment”…but it’s a desire for power pure and simple.

    Consider the outright dishonesty exhibited by Harry Reid and some other Senators when they voted for a resolution condemning Rush Limbaugh. Those guys are LAWYERS, Dave…they have to be smart guys; plenty smart enough to know what they’re saying about Rush isn’t true—yet they’re saying it anyway.

    How do you “feel” about that?

  • http://rowanreview.com dhunley

    Heeeeey, MJ…yep, still alive and kicking—and doing my part for freedom.

    I guess this struggle will be necessary until the end of time; there’s always a group of people that want to tell us what to do—for our own good, of course…lol.

    Hey MJ…wanna ask you something. I’ve been debating myself about something…going back and forth. Do you think a whole nation of people can be deceived? I’m not talking about being deceived about one single thing…I’m talking more about being deceived by an entire ideology.

  • http://rowanreview.com dhunley

    No response from wildcatfan? Why am I not surprised…lol

    Don’t you all think it would have been better for wildcatfan’s case had he just OBLITERATED my comments? I mean…really…wouldn’t that have been fun?

    I asked wildcatfan if he could identify one freedom he’s lost as a result of the Bush administration. Nothing…nada…zip.

    I asked if he even knew what the Patriot Act is? Again, nothing…nada…zip.

    He could have said “Bush took away our freedom by doing so-and-so”.

    He could have said “The Patriot Act infringes upon our freedoms in new ways by such-and-such.”

    But modern liberals like wildcatfan never do that; in fact, they pretend it is a “personal attack” if you even ask them to.

    And it is like that about every subject the modern liberals tout…national health care; global warming; the war against terrorism; evolution; abortion…everyone of’em. If you don’t think so…try debating them.

    All their arguments are based on “opinions”, or “feelings”, a VERY selective use of facts—or their pessimistic view of life in general.

    They’ll use fear, bribery, racism, class warfare, jealousy—all the things they tend to accuse us ‘conservatives” of doing—in an attempt to get what they REALLY want—and that’s control over US.

  • dave

    “Dave, with all due respect, I think we need more than your feelings about something before we adopt policies that have been a disaster wherever they’ve been tried.” – dhunley

    dhunley…with all due respect…what the hell are you talking about? this is a thread about Oprah influencing the election, so I’m not sure what disastrous policies you are concerned about adopting. If you are referring to some other article on the website, please let me know so we can debate it in its proper place.

    as to your comments you’ve left on THIS thread…

    i cannot help but chuckle at your comment immediately posted above this one…the one directed at Wildcatfan…first off, you need to realize that just because someone doesn’t reply to your “challenge” doesn’t mean they’ve crawled off to hide and lick their wounds…we’re not exactly getting 1000 visits/day on the ol’ Morgan Minute (or Rowan Review) just yet, so if folks come and go, that is just to be expected.

    lots of folks drop by to say something, but their busy lives, or a lack of interest in going round-and-round with someone over an issue, may keep them from coming back. i’m fairly certain Wildcatfan knows what the Patriot Act is…did you want him to come back on here and post a copy for all of us to read? how about you? have you read the whole thing, word for word? do YOU claim to absolutely, positively understand EVERY single part of it??

    next, i find it humorous that you are trying to inform all of the readers about the tactics of a liberal by employing almost all of those same tactics…you are responding as if YOU have been personally attacked by an angry band of roaming liberals…

    all of the topics you suggest…”national health care; global warming; the war against terrorism; evolution; abortion…everyone of’em”…how exactly are you different in the way YOU debate the various elements of each one? are YOUR arguments on those topics NOT based on “opinions”, or “feelings”, or a VERY selective use of facts? ..because, if you can, with a straight face, reply that YOUR views are NOT based on YOUR opinions, and YOUR feelings…well then, there is no need to debate any further.

  • http://rowanreview.com dhunley

    Oh? The link was about Oprah influencing the election? Oh!

    I thought it was about the moral ethics of the Republicans…well shucks darn it…lol.

    I must have got confused by wildcatfan, who said:

    “What happened to “morals”, “family values”, “homosexuals”, “religion”…”, eh?

    And who, again, was it that said

    “i can’t understand how anybody can stand behind the republicans right now,”

    Well now…maybe I’m like ol’ Harry Reid and can’t understand the written word…lol

    If you’ll notice, my first post was exactly about that topic…then wildcatfan chimed in with his “ethics” stuff.

    Dave…all they have to do is point out facts…post links…or otherwise support their position—you know, like I do. But nooooooooooo, they don’t want to be challenged; and I think it is because they can’t support their position and have to rely on generalities, slogans and other nonsense. I stand ready to be corrected, of course.

    You ask me if I’d read the Patriot Act. It just so happens that I have read most of it—part of a MAED assignment. But that isn’t the point…the point is that wildcatfan claimed we’re losing freedoms so HE’S the one who should support the position.

    MAN…why is this so hard to understand. Just like the theory of evolution…modern liberals think they can say anything they want without having to support it. And if I knock it down—why, I’m just a big-bad-ol’-meanie!

    And another thing…you say “i can’t understand how anybody can stand behind the republicans right now,”? Why is that? Did anyone lie about being a Viet Nam combat pilot like Tom Harkin did? Because they’re mean enough to suggest the assignation of President Bush like Randi Rhodes did?

    Or because they supported our troops by calling them murderers like Mike Malloy did?

    Oh…and as is my usual, I’ll provide a link.


    And I could go on…should I mention Sandy Bergen, the thief? If we want to start stacking up scoundrels, you’ll see that the so-called “democrats” are far worse and far more numerous than in the Republican camp.

    So please explain what compels you to say you don’t see how anybody could support the Republicans.

  • dave

    but you are taking me to task about some policy you seem to feel that i want enacted, which have been a disaster everywhere they’ve been tried…but i cannot even find what it is that i supposedly said that you are now referring to.

    and i think wildcatfan DID explain which freedoms he felt that he’s lost under the Republicans, didn’t he??

    “I fear the Republicans view “freedom” a lot differently than I do…I feel less “free” now than ever before…we don’t have “freedom” to travel any more without “fear”…we don’t have “freedom” to talk openly on the phone anymore without “fear” of being listened to” – wildcatfan

    see dhunley…i’ve said it before, but i will say it again. just because it isn’t written down on a piece of paper or flown through the air on a banner behind an airplane which SPECIFIC freedoms you’ve lost, that doesn’t mean that you haven’t lost them.

    my point about the republicans, however, and why i don’t see how anyone can support them, is that they are completely hypocritical. they come out against issues, but then secretly engage in the very activities they claim to be against.

    are democrats hypocrites, too? you bet they are. it is the nature of politics. however, the reason i chose to take the republicans to task over it is because

    1) they act so high and mighty and above any kind of so-called “repulsive” behavior…that makes it that much farther for them to fall when they get caught up in it

    2) they scare the living hell out of me with their policies and tactics

    3) i dislike the democrats less than i dislike the republicans

    how’s that?

  • http://rowanreview.com Dhunley

    WHO made wildcatfan afraid to travel?!? The REPUBLICANS?!?! You’d think it’d be the 19 Arab muslims who murdered about 3,000 innocent people who’d scare someone. …wouldn’t you?

    And that’s the kind of “logic” I’m talking about. A bunch of nuts fly planes into buildings…kills thousands…wants to kill thousands more…promises they WILL kill thousands more—yet wildcatfan is afraid to travel because we’re taking measures to try to stop these nuts.

    Seriously Dave…does that make ANY sense to you? And on top of that…no one is keeping him from traveling, are they? Of course…because of the modern liberals great big fear of “profiling”…we can’t take the common sense approach of just checking Arab muslims, can we? Oooohhhhhh nooooo…we have to search grannies and papaws and boy scouts and everybody else just to be fair. More modern liberal logic, that there is!

    And the fear of being “listened too”…why, that’s just hilarious! If wildcatfan HAD checked to Patriot Act, he’d have known it required just about the same judicial oversight as RICO. So he hasn’t actually lost one single thing.

    And excuuuuuuuuuuuuse ME…but if you’re calling an international number that is suspected of having a connection to terrorists—which is what that was all about—then I’d think it reasonable that we try to hear what you’re saying. If it happens that you all are just exchanging chocolate chip cookie recipes…well, you wasn’t “prevented” from doing it were you?

    No, lost freedoms don’t have to be—and probably won’t be—flown on banners behind planes…but if you’re gonna accuse someone of taking away a freedom, you ought to be able to identify at least ONE of them, should you?

    But all wildcatfan gave us was this “fear” of something—he never actually lost a thing.

    But Dave…let’s cut to the chase. I think it is the “high and mighty” thing that actually bothers modern liberals so much. In fact, I think it might be THE basis of all the illogic exhibited by modern liberals. I tried to address this with my “school ground rules” thing to WCF; with you, I’ll try a little higher plane.

    I don’t want my representative lying, cheating, or stealing…and I won’t vote for one who says he’ll do any of these things. So of course, they’re gonna tell me they won’t. But does this mean I don’t think some of them will lie, cheat, and steal anyway? Of course not! And I’ll keep an eye on them….and when one of them does any of these things, I’ll vote to throw them out.

    And (as I said in that post) Republicans DO throw them out. This actually means we’re abiding by our moral standards. Those so-called democrats, on the other hand, give their thieves positions on committees…they ignore the lies told by their President…and they’ll even vote for a candidate who’s a proven liar!

    So I ask you, which is better for the country. The party that punishes liars, cheats, and thieves…or the party that turns a blind eye toward this stuff just because they don’t act “high and mighty”.

    As for taking you to task for your policies…yeah, I think I can….because you say you prefer those so-called democrats—-who are NOT democrats in any way that our Grandfathers would recognize. And the so-called democrats are promoting policies like national health care…they’re promoting policies like abortion on demand…they’re promoting policies like social security…higher taxes…zoning laws…anti-gun laws…dealing with the U.N….and the ridiculous idea of “undocumented workers” instead of illegal aliens…and I could go on and on.

    It’s the so-called democrats who won’t allow an honest discussion about evolution…it’s the so-called democrats who won’t allow parents to send their kids to the school of their choice…it’s the so-called democrats who are promoting racism through “affirmative action”.

    All of this…yet, the only thing I can get from a modern liberal when I debate them is “I’m afraid to call someone”…or “I’m afraid to travel”—or “we’re becoming a nazi state” without ever identifying ONE SINGLE freedom they’ve lost.

    NOT ONE! Don’t you find this funny? Don’t you feel you that if wildcatfan wants to say this stuff…shouldn’t he be obligated to back it up?

  • http://rowanreview.com dhunley

    See Dave, no logic…no honesty…no integrity…and you STILL prefer those so-called democrats?

    And it’s come to this, eh? Total distortion and dishonesty from the so-called democrats in the Senate?

    I haven’t listened to Rush Limbaugh for years—mostly because I just haven’t had the opportunity—but when I heard that Senator Harry Reid had put forth a resolution condemning Rush for disrespecting the troops…I knew something foolish was afoot.

    I knew this because I know how Rush Limbaugh feels about our troops…and I know what a scoundrel Harry Reid is.

    And sure enough…here’s the beginning of the full story for those concerned with the truth.


    Harry Reid either can’t understand the written or spoken word…or (as I suspect) is he willing to deliberate distort the truth for his own purposes. At least he doesn’t act “high and mighty”….lol

  • http://rowanreview.com Dhunley

    How long should I wait before I do the victory dance?

    Actually, I was sure I could have begun dancing even before I started typing. It happens every time…these guys like wildcatfan will make charges—but slink away back to the safety of the editorial pages once these charges are challenged. They know they can’t support them.

    Once again, has wildcatfan given us a freedom we’ve lost because of the “republicans”?

    Nope…and please notice that NONE of them have.