The Deep South…

Well, Whoopi is now on The View, and she started it right off with some controversy. (why waste time, right?)  She was trying to explain why Vick may not have seen dogfighting as being anything wrong, since it is part of his culture, him being from the deep south and all.  There’s just a couple of problems with this, one of which is that Michael Vick is from Newport News, Virginia.  That’s not exactly the “deep south”, last time I checked.  The other problem I have with her suggestion…and she’s not the only one suggesting it…is that I don’t know about this whole dog fighting culture.  Is it going on around us, and I’m just in the dark?  They keep mentioning the cock fighting culture in Puerto Rico…but I thought THAT was the thing around here…not dog fights.

Anyway…here she is.

  • Mthope

    Uh the Mason Dixon Line is north of MaryLand and that is North of Virginia
    and Richmond was the Capitol of the CSA;

    Virgina is Deep South when you come from “New England”;
    In my Limited travels I have found that Virgina is more “southern” than Kentucky;
    Stop in the tourist traps and you find all sorts of confederate tokens,
    not so much in Kentucky;
    That is all seen as “redneck” by those that want to deny the hillbilly culture of easturn cantuck
    has any legitimacy and should be shunned and is all thats left as pollitically correct to deride;

    That said I think the “cultural excuse” that “Woopie” is throwing out is used way too much
    to excuse certain demograpics social problems, in appalachia or south L.A for that matter.
    Bill Cosby has made some effort to stop the rationalizations that fuel these excuses and blame everyone other than self responcibility eh dhunley?

    Oh and never mind that NCAA Asheville guy H.K Egerton and his march across Dixie for heritage not hate, forget that as nonblack history.

    Ky BTW was not a neutral or border state as I have seen it slighted as in history books.
    Succession resolutions were passed but not made concurrent, saying if invaded the state would succeed and that was the legislative intent before they were so rudely interrupted by the war.