Mitch Hedberg…one of the best.

Mitch Hedberg was, in my opinion, one of the best, and the funniest, stand-up comics. His style, his delivery, and his material just won me over the very first time I heard him. I saw a part of his Comedy Central special almost 10 years ago and immediately went and downloaded some of his material from Napster (when Napster was good).

Since that time, I have listened to this album, which was released as “Strategic Grill Locations), countless times, and I’ve tried to spread the word every chance I get. Sadly, Mitch Hedberg passed away in 2005, but his material lives on.

Below is part 1 of 7 of the CD that still makes me laugh out loud today. I’ll post the other parts later on, but for now, just enjoy Mitch Hedberg.

(and remember…you are in the “After Dark” section of the web site, and some of the language you’ll hear is not exactly safe for work or for all ears, so keep that in mind)