My Favorite Weekend

Are you ready??

Well, it may not be my absolute favorite, but I’d be hard pressed right now to come up with one that is any better.

The 40th Annual Sorghum Festival is this weekend, so make your plans to head downtown and check out all of the fantastic arts, crafts, music, food, and more.

I’ll see you there!

  • judy bussey

    David, you are such an inspiration, your sense of humour is stimulating, your intellect is enlightening, and your earthiness is real.

    How can I be reminded to read your paper more often? Can you send an automatic email notice? Yes, I should jujst check in, but, hey, I forget. I’ll sign up for the email list below..I used to be on it.

    I’m going to dig through here and see the county’s stance on Rand Paul. Let’s defeat him! Hear we need younger voters to register, so maybe that’s where we can get the 15% + that’s needed right now. I’m even working my students! Maybe you’re for him, but I doubt it!