Favorite Sorghum Memories

Folks, we are in the final week leading up to the big weekend. The Sorghum Festival is almost here, and yours truly couldn’t be more excited about it. I have a lot of great memories about this time of year, and I’d love to hear some of yours!

Just add some comments to this story and tell everyone about why you love the Sorghum Festival or share some of your fondest memories about the festival. If you have any pictures you’d like to share, just email them to me at dave@morganminute.com , and I’ll get a gallery posted for everyone to see!

  • dave

    well, since everyone seems so hesitant to add their memories, i’ll kick it off…

    one of my favorite memories of the sorghum festival goes back to when the sorghum making used to take place up on main street, where the city hall building is now.

    as kids, we’d walk over and they’d cut off a small piece of sugar cane for us, and then we could walk over and dip the cane into the hot sorghum and lick it off.

    the funniest thing about this memory to me is that they’d allow us to “double dip”…just lick off the sorghum and stick the cane right back down in there again. πŸ™‚

    ahhh…those were the days.

  • Dlatha

    My most favorite thing about the festival was when the Indians would sit up a booth at the end of the street. It added a touch of history to the festival. Although at that time i was only about 10 if that old. They were the only reason I really went or even wanted to go at that time. Although I have not missed a festival yet since birth. Now as an adult I attend every year for the socializing and the many crafts and gifts. Although I can’t really afford to buy more then the food offered for my kids. I enjoy being there with all the smells and sights. My kids love it. But I think the thing i remember most and probably will always remember is… festival ’06. I came home from the hospital on the saturday night of the festival with a new baby girl. I wanted so much to go visit the booths that night but we had to skip town because of the tornado warning and alarms that sounded. However i did get to go down and see most of the remaining sites on Sunday. So I guess i started the new baby off on the right foot. So as Mr. D. Bradley would say “Welcome to the Sorghum Festival! ” ( You have had to hear him say it to know what I am talking about…….hahahaha)

  • Matt Daniel

    My best memory of the Sorghum Festival dates back many years. I was in the Cub Scouts in 1984 and met one of my best friends, Chad. I went to Crockett Elementary and Chad went to the Middle School. After I had to quit Scouts for basketball, I kept my friendship with Chad going and we made it a tradition for me to go to his house in town during the Festival and I would spend the entire weekend with him. During the Festival of ’89, I was supposed to meet Chad at his girlfriend’s house on Saturday. When I arrived, he and his girlfriend along with Darby and Jody were all huddled up watching football. I was a fifth leg and felt very uncomfortable. However, in a matter of a few minutes, the back door opened and someone came in in a huff. Jody got up to go talk to this person and introduced her to me, that person, my wife of 10 years now Amy. From that Saturday in September 1989, Amy and I have been inseperable. We enjoy the Festival now with our 6 and 4 year old boys and look forward to meeting old friends there and catching up. I hope your Festivals hold these kind of great memories as well.

  • dave

    dang, Matt…that absolutely crushes my sorghum-stick-licking memory. πŸ™‚

    Dlatha…i also have very fond memories of the Cherokee Indians coming to the festival. I think I bought a bow and arrow, spear, and head dress for every year that they were here.

    keep the memories coming, folks…these are great!

  • Manda

    I remember one year, I think I was about 13, that I went into Halsey’s when it was on Main Street and bought some of those fake cigarettes that actually lit up and blew smoke. I was walking around with my friend, April, puffing one of these fake cigarettes. I thought my parents had already gone home until my mom came up and pulled it out of my mouth. Talk about embarrassing for her when she found out it was fake, but I still got grounded for making people think I was really smoking. If she only knew…..