Enes Kanter ineligible: UK will appeal

This one may take some divine intervention.

Well, you probably have already seen it or heard about it now, but the Turkish big-man, Enes Kanter, has been denied eligibility by the NCAA.  Basically, they ruled that he received a little over $33K above what they considered justifiable expenses.

It gets a bit tricky from here, as UK plans to appeal the ruling, and the appeal will actually be heard by member schools.  There is a slight glimmer of hope that the ruling will be overturned, but most of the folks talking it up online seem to think the chances are slim to none.

I think it is a shame, as it seems to be clear that the money was given to the Kanter family in order to cover educational expenses, but the NCAA didn’t see it that way, so here we are.

You can read more about it around the web…


Kentuckysportsradio.com talks about the appeal process

A good article by Mike DeCourcy, from The Sporting News, on why the NCAA got this one wrong

  • sunnyborderblue

    i did not know this (and haven’t tried to confirm it) but read somewhere that the if the appeal is successful, the ncaa could not come back, at any time, and “take back” his eligibility (like they did with derrick rose). have you heard this or know anything about it?