Jimmy Dean Saw-Sitch

A man named Randy Taylor is NOT happy that Jimmy Dean has down-sized their roll of sausage from 16oz to 12oz, SO…

he calls their complaint line to let them know about it.

I know we’ve all thought at one point or another about calling to complain about a product, but I wonder how many people actually follow through? (If you have, PLEASE share your story with us in the comments section below!)

If you knew your call was going to blow up into an internet craze, would you still make the call?

Or maybe that would be even MORE encouragement to do it??

Listen to poor Mr. Taylor below…

(contains some offensive language…but absolutely hilarious!)

  • Russell Howard

    I agree with the message.I don’t agree with the wording,the purpose would have been better served without the foul words. This man is right about the content,there’s to many things getting by without us voiceing our opinions.
    I agree with him….